Freeview HD

What is Freeview HD?

Freeview HD lets you watch content from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 with enhanced picture and sound.  HD offers crisp, defined visuals and clear sound, so you can enjoy a better viewing experience.  As a Freeview viewer, you can get these free-to-air HD channels without paying anything extra, or any monthly subscription fees.

You do need an HD-ready TV, otherwise you cannot watch high definition content, and you would need a Freeview HD box to receive the signal and decode it.  There are also several Freeview integrated TVs on the market, which combine a Freeview decoder with an HD TV, and you can usually find a good price for these.

If you wanted more channels, and an expanded selection of HD content, then you could look at Sky deals.  Virgin Media also has a range of channels in standard and high definition.

Freeview HD Box

A Freeview HD box works with your HD TV to give you free-to-air high definition channels from BBC, ITV and Channel 4.  Many manufacturers make Freeview HD boxes, and additional features can vary; the box may be able to pause, rewind and record live TV, and the amount of memory may be different between boxes as well.

Instead of a set-top box, you can buy a Freeview integrated HD TV, which works as a high definition TV set as well as a Freeview decoder.  This would give you all the standard definition Freeview channels in your area, as well as the HD channels that come with Freeview’s digital TV service.

Freeview HD Channels

With Freeview HD, you get high definition content from BBC, ITV and Channel 4.  Some of the content will mirror the standard definition TV that is on at the same time, whilst other content can be from an entirely separate listing.  The images are sharp and the sound is clear, representing a marked difference from standard definition.

You can access more HD channels by looking at other providers such as Virgin Media.  You can also get Sky HD deals which will give you a huge range of channels, with HD equivalents, along with premium channels showing exclusive movies and sport, also in stunning HD.

Freeview HD Deals

Although Freeview doesn’t offer a range of packages, there are products to check out and compare.  You might want to make the move to HD but don’t have an HD TV, and then it might be worth considering an integrated Freeview HD TV with Smart TV. Then you will get Freeview, HD and on demand catch-up in one deal.

There are other providers to consider as well; Virgin Media and Sky offer some great deals for subscription-based digital TV, with exclusive movies and sports to go with your viewing, and if you compare digital TV you get a simple, collated set of results making it easy for you to find the right deal.