Johnnie’s Judgement: Harry Kane to Bayern Munich

The Harry Kane transfer saga is (almost) complete.

As I write, Harry Kane is currently either sitting in an airport waiting to get his plane to Munich or is already on his way. Regardless, by the end of the day, there is every possibility that England’s top goalscorer will be a Bayern Munich player.

It’s a transfer that, I must admit, I didn’t would happen. As enticing as the idea is for a player who has never won a proper trophy to join a serial silver winner like Bayern, I never thought he’d actually do it.

But the move has been given the Fabrizio Romano ‘Here we go!’ and that’s more binding than a court judge's ruling. Daniel Levy is still trying to pull some funny business, but I can’t imagine he’ll be able to stop this one from happening now.

So with that, my thoughts on the matter are as such; good on you, Harry!

Great move for both sides

While it seems very weird that he will be gone, there is no doubt that the man deserves it. Bayern needs a goalscorer, and have needed one since Robert Lewandowski left, and Kane is the perfect replacement

He’s only just turned 30 years old and with the way the German Bundesliga seems to work, he’ll probably be playing at a high level till past 35.

Kane is one of the best scorers of his generation, regardless of what people may say, and he is very deserving of some sort of trophy. Yes, it probably would have been more accomplishing and rewarding if he had done it with Tottenham, but that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen (no offence Spurs fans, but I think even you know it's true).

He’s now going to join one of the best teams in Europe who will be a very legitimate threat in the Champions League this coming season. And I won’t lie, if they make it to the final, I will be rooting for Kane to do it.

The impact on Tottenham

With a move of this magnitude coming so late in the transfer window for Spurs, it’ll be hard for them to find a good replacement.

There are a couple of candidates who could take his place. My first initial thought was Ivan Toney. He would’ve been perfect and probably would have dropped a bet on himself to make the move happen too.

But obviously that one won’t happen, at least not in this window. As for other immediate options, if they wanted someone from the prem, Dominic Calvert-Lewin or Ollie Watkins may be decent shouts. Otherwise, they’ll have to look elsewhere in Europe, maybe bring Timo Werner back for a second shot in England.

Regardless, it’s not left Spurs in a great place, and with their Levy not even in the country right now, it’s not looking good for them

But this move isn’t about them, it’s about Kane. And I say again - good on you Harry, you deserve this move and I’m sure you’ll smash it. Even though you have now buggered my FPL team…

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