Netflix new arrivals | Our top picks this week

What are the top five new movies and TV shows streaming this week?

Netflix is always adding to its huge library of content with exciting new originals, old favourites and some hidden gems you may have missed. Take a look at the best films and TV series which are arriving on the platform this month.

Lupin part 2

Lupin quickly became one of the streamer’s most watched foreign-language series when it was released back in January 2021 thanks to its clever, suspenseful tone and hugely charismatic performance from Omar Sy. 

Now the most wanted man in France, gentleman thief Assane Diop (Sy) is determined to save his kidnapped son Raoul (Etan Simon) while also continuing his takedown of the wealthy Pellegrini family who are responsible for the wrongful imprisonment of his father.

Sweet Tooth season 1

This quirky post-apocalyptic drama is an adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s DC comic book of the same name which has been described by some fans as  “Mad Max meets Bambi”. It’s set in a world full of half-animal, half-human children that’s been ravaged by a pandemic called The Great Crumble.   

When his father (Will Forte) dies, 10-year-old boy/deer hybrid Gus (Christian Convery) decides to leave his peaceful woodland home and embark on a journey to find a rumoured safe haven called The Preserve with gruff drifter Jeppard (Nonso Anozie).

Black Summer season 2

Anyone missing The Walking Dead should be sure to stream the second season of Black Summer this month. As with the long-running zombie juggernaut, this Z Nation spinoff is tense, gritty survival thriller which contains plenty of gory zombie killing action

Despite its title, we pick up with Rose (Jamie King) and her daughter Anna (Zoe Marlett) in the dead of winter. After hearing rumours that a plane may still be in operation, they must battle against the cold, the undead and their increasingly desperate fellow survivors on their journey to the airfield.

America: The Motion Picture 

This animated film presents a brilliantly bonkers looking take on the American Revolution. There’s a chainsaw wielding-George Washington (Channing Tatum), a superpowered Thomas Edison (Olivia Munn) and robot centaur Paul Revere (Bobby Moynihan).

Its executive producer Adam Reed and director Matt Thompson are the respective creator and producer of spy spoof Archer, so fans of this type of surreal, darkly funny type of animated comedy should be excited for America: The Motion Picture.


Danny Boyle might not be a name that you’d normally associate with romantic comedies but 2019 saw him team up with famed Love Actually screenwriter Richard Curtis for Yesterday, a sweet, incredibly charming film with a killer soundtrack. 

Musician Jack (Himesh Patel) is struggling to make it big and spends his days playing to half-empty crowds. When a strange 12 second black out occurs, he gets hit by a bus and awakens to find that he’s seemingly the only one who remembers The Beatles and their music.

How much is Netflix?

There's three tiered Netflix packages available, Basic, Standard and Premium, all of which come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Basic package is just £5.99 a month but only allows you to watch on one screen (whether that be a laptop, TV, phone or tablet) at a time and doesn't give you access to HD or 4K Ultra HD. With the Standard package at £9.99 a month, you're able to watch on two screens at a time in SD and HD.

For £13.99 a month, the top Premium package, you're able to enjoy content on up to 4 screens at the same time (a perfect option for families) in both HD or 4K Ultra HD.

How can I watch Netflix?

You can either access Netflix on a browser on a standard desktop or laptop computer or through the reliable Netflix app which is available across a whole range of devices including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Netflix have recently introduced the offline viewing feature which allows you to download a TV show or film to watch when you're offline. Unfortunately, not everything is available to watch in this way but it's easy to check what is by selecting the “Available for Download” option from the dropdown menu.

What else is on Netflix?

Netflix is home to an absolutely staggering range of content across every genre from riotously funny comedy to to your children's favourite cartoons and a fantastic mix of both American and British TV shows.

It's own selection of original programming is constantly growing, buoyed by the success of shows like House Of Cards, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black

How often is new content added?

There's no real time schedule for when new content is added to Netflix, but it doesn't usually go longer than three days without adding anything new. 

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