Can I add BT Sport to my Sky package?

Want to get BT Sport on Sky? All the information you need is here.

Adding your favourite BT Sport channels to your Sky package really couldn’t be made any more simple.Below we tell you exactly how to get BT Sport on Sky, along with answering your frequently asked questions. 

Add BT Sport to Sky by following these easy steps: 

  1. Dig out your Sky viewing card number and head on over to BT at

  2. Choose from either a BT Sport 12-month contract or a rolling 1-month contract to add to your Sky television. 

  3. Fill in the appropriate details (including your viewing number) once you are sent to the ‘Progress your order’ page. 

There’s also the option to upgrade with the BT Sport pack through your Sky account. 

How do I find my Sky viewing card number?

Your Sky viewing card number is needed to determine the account you want BT Sport added to.

If you have a Sky HD box hit the ‘Services’ button on your remote, then from the Sky Guide select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Details’. 

If you don’t have a Sky HD box, your Sky viewing card number can be found by selecting ‘System Setup’ and then ‘System Details’.

What BT Sport channels will I have access to when I add them to my existing Sky bundle?

All of them, which include BT Sport 1, 2 and 3, along with BT Sport ESPN and Box Nation. 

What can I get on BT Sport? 

Every UEFA Champions and Europa League fixture, The FA Cup and 52 Premier League games per season. The European Rugby Champions Cup can only be watched on BT Sport, along with 69 games from the Gallagher Premiership. 

You will also be able to watch World, European, British and Commonwealth Championship Boxing, UFC fights, the NBA, vast amounts of cricket and much more. 

Can I remove BT Sport if I regret adding it to my Sky bundle? 

You have a choice of a 12-month contract with a £20 upfront fee, or a rolling one month contract with a £35 upfront fee. If you choose to purchase the rolling contract, you’ll be able to cancel whenever you want. 

You also have a 14-day cooling-off period where you will be refunded in full.

When will I be able to start watching BT Sport channels on Sky? 

Sky says you’ll be watching your favourite sports within 15 minutes. However, they do warn it can take up to four hours.  

Will I need to install any additional equipment?

No, you will not. Adding BT Sport to your existing Sky deal is something that will happen automatically upon purchase of your chosen contract. 

How much is BT Sport on Sky?

One of the main queries when it comes to this topic, is how much does it cost to add BT Sport to Sky?

On a one month rolling contract you can add BT Sport to whichever Sky package you have for £29.99 a month through, which will also include the HD pack free for three months. There is also the option to choose a 12-month contract for the same price. 

Or, you can add the BT Sport pack to your Sky package through your Sky account. You can watch all of BT Sport’s content on your Sky box for just £24 a month on a 31-day rolling contract. 

How much is BT Sport on NOW TV?

BT Sport is available via the Sports Extra Pass on NOW TV, which is a new sports pass that has been added to the streaming platform. 

The Sports Extra Pass costs £9.99 for one day, or £17 a month for a monthly pass for the first three months, and then £34 a month if you do not cancel. 

For in-depth information on getting BT Sport on NOW TV, we recommend you read our guide: Can you get BT Sport on NOW TV? 

How much is Sky Sports on BT?

Sky Sports is only available to BT customers via NOW TV. To watch Sky Sports you have to buy the Sports Extra Pass via your NOW TV account to gain access to Sky Sports content. This is the case as of February 2020. 

The Sports Extra Pass is £9.99 for a day pass, and £17 a month for a monthly for the first three months, and then £34 a month thereafter. 

What channel is BT Sport on Sky?

You can find the following BT Sport channels on the following Sky channels: 

  • BT Sport 1 - Sky 413
  • BT Sport 2 - Sky 414
  • BT Sport 3 - Sky 417 
  • BT Sport ESPN - Sky 423
  • Box Nation - Sky 427

Can I watch BT Sport on Sky Go?

Any content you pay for through Sky will be available on Sky Go. 

We gave you two options earlier on in this guide on how to get BT Sport on Sky. If you choose the option to go through Sky to add BT Sport to your package, you will be able to watch BT Sport on Sky Go. 

How to cancel BT Sport on Sky

Head into your account to manage and cancel your subscriptions. These contracts are on a monthly rolling contract, so you will not incur any fees when you cancel, you will just pay up until the expiry date of your subscription. 

Can I use the BT Sport app if I have BT Sport through Sky? 

No, you can only use the BT Sport app if you subscribe to BT Sport through BT themselves. 

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