Can I get Netflix on NOW TV?

Learn all about enjoying Netflix on NOW TV with our handy guide.

Streaming service Netflix allows you to enjoy a wide variety of critically-acclaimed content, including its famous ever-growing selection of quality originals, all from the comfort of your sofa. But is it available to stream on NOW TV? Our guide is here to explain.

Can I get Netflix on NOW TV?

Yes, Netflix is now available on the NOW TV 4K Smart Box and HD streaming stick.

Although NOW TV’s black box and original Smart Box have officially been discontinued, they’re both still capable of supporting the streaming service. The white NOW TV box, however, does not support Netflix. 

How do I get the Netflix app for NOW TV devices?

The Netflix app can be downloaded for free from the NOW TV app store on your home screen. Enter the store, scroll through until you find it and then select add app to initiate the download. Once it’s completed, you’ll be able to find the Netflix app under My Apps. 

Customers who’ve purchased the NOW TV 4K Smart Box should find that Netflix app comes pre-installed on the device.  

Can I get a Netflix subscription through NOW TV?

Yes, you can get a Netflix subscription through NOW TV. Upon opening up the Netflix app, select the sign-up option which will allow you to create an account and choose whichever subscription tier you’d like. 

If it’s a shared Netflix account you might want to also create a seperate profile for everyone who’s going to be using it. That way, recommendations will always be specifically tailored to you and anything you’re midway through watching will be left alone. 

Up to five different profiles can exist on one account and to set-up a new one all you need to do is to head into the main Netflix page, click on the name in the top right-hand corner of the screen, select manage profile from the drop down menu and follow the on-screen prompts. 

What should I do if the Netflix app doesn't work?

If your Netflix app isn’t working or loading properly you should first ensure your NOW TV device is fully updated. Head into the Settings menu located on the left side of the home screen, select System, System Update and your device will search for and automatically install any new software. 

If you’re having trouble signing in, try it on another device. If that still doesn’t work you should contact Netflix directly as NOW TV don’t have any control over your account. For any other issues visit the website to live chat with a representative. 

Aside from Netflix, what apps can I get through NOW TV?

Over 50 different apps, including the Sky Store and Sky Sports Box Office, are available on the NOW TV app store with All 4, BBC iPlayer, Demand5, ITV Hub, YouTube and Vevo arriving already pre-installed on both the NOW TV 4K Smart Box and HD Streaming Stick.

Although they’re all free to download, some will require you to make in-app purchases or take out a monthly subscription package before you can stream any content. 

How much is Netflix on NOW TV?

Netflix will charge you either £5.99, £7.99 or £9.99 a month depending on which subscription tier you decide to opt for.

The first Basic package allows you to watch Netflix on one screen at a time in just SD while the Standard package upgrades this to two at a time in SD or HD. 

With the Premium package, you’re able to stream Netflix on four different screens at once and access its selection of glossy Ultra HD content, providing you’ve got a compatible 4K TV and at least 25Mb of spare bandwidth. 

How do I get NOW TV?

You get NOW TV by buying their passes, Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids and Sky Sports, which then gives you access to the corresponding content. Each is available on a flexible 30-day contract that you’re free to cancel and then pick back up whenever you like. 

To make your purchase, head into NOW TV on your chosen device and select which of the four passes you’d like. You’ll then be asked to create an account and enter in your payment details to activate them. 

NOW TV is available through a web browser and the NOW TV app on smartphones, tablets, games consoles, smart TVs, NOW TV 4K Smart Box and HD streaming stick

How much is NOW TV?

The Kids pass is the cheapest at £3.99 a month followed by the Entertainment pass at £9.99 a month and the Sky Cinema pass at £10.99 a month.

Sports passes work a little differently. There’s four to choose from, a Day Pass at £7.99, Week Pass at £12.99, Month Pass at £33.99 and Mobile Month Pass at £5.99 a month.

How do I cancel NOW TV?

To cancel a NOW TV pass head to the main NOW TV website and login to your account. Select the My Account option, My Package, click the Manage My Passes button to see your active passes and then hit the cancel button next to the one you don't want anymore. 

NOW TV passes can’t be cancelled through the NOW TV app so it’s best to do it on a desktop.

How do I cancel Netflix?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription by hovering over your profile name in the top-right hand corner of the screen, selecting account from the drop-down menu and then clicking the Cancel Membership button under the Membership and Billing heading. 

There’s no fee for cancelling your account and you’ll be able to keep us they service as normal up until the date your next payment is due. 

NOW TV Movies vs Netflix

To watch movies on NOW TV you’ll need the Sky Cinema pass which will set you back £9.99 a month. Although Netflix’s Basic and Standard packages are both a little cheaper, if you’re a big film fan the Sky Cinema pass is definitely worth the few extra pounds.

The 11 Sky Cinema channel and huge on-demand library gives you access to a brilliantly wide selection of films across all genres, many of which are quite a bit newer than anything you’d see on Netflix coming to Sky Cinema before they’re even released on DVD. 

Netflix offers significantly less choice and while it frequently produces original movies they do vary in quality quite a bit. Some like Beasts of No Nation, Gerald’s Game and Mudbound are fantastic while others like Mute, Cloverfield Paradox and The Ridiculous Six are awful. 

NOW TV Entertainment vs Netflix

The NOW TV Entertainment pass allows you to enjoy over 300 box sets on-demand, which consists of good mix of content from both the UK and US, and 11 live TV channels including Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central, MTV, Vice and Fox. 

This ability to stream Sky Atlantic is a major highlight and gives you access to acclaimed US imports like Game of Thrones, but it’s frustrating how quickly certain content can disappear. Some episodes only have a shelf life of a few weeks and featured content vanishes after just 24 hours.

Netflix is very well-matched when it comes to the sheer amount and variety of its content. Along with the similarly great mix of UK and US-based shows, there’s its huge line-up of stellar originals like Daredevil, American Vandal and The Crown which always be available to stream. 

Another big advantage of Netflix is how new episodes of popular US series like Better Call Saul and Riverdale appear just a day after airing in the US, so there's no more waiting around for your favourite shows.

Netflix and NOW TV price list

Type of Service


NOW TV Entertainment pass £7.99
NOW TV Sky Cinema pass £10.99
NOW TV Kids pass £3.99
Basic Netflix package £5.99
Standard Netflix package £7.99
Premium Netflix package £10.99


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