Everything you need to know about the Virgin V6 box

We run through all that's new with the Virgin Media V6 Box.

What is the Virgin V6 Box?

The Virgin TV V6 Box is the newest set-top box from Virgin Media and represents the provider's fastest, smallest and most powerful box yet. The V6 is an all-in solution for modern TV viewing and is something you cannot do without if you're a Virgin Media customer. With this guide, we'll show you everything you need to know about the V6, so you can be ready to get the most out of the box. 


The V6 is the first Virgin Media box that is 4K compatible. This means that viewers with 4K TVs can enjoy content in Ultra HD - a significant upgrade over standard HD. Whilst not every single channel will support 4K content, many of the major ones do. Sky Sports now has Ultra HD channels on top of the standard HD, meaning you can make the most of your 4K TV.

Netflix now also supports 4K streaming, which you can access via the V6 box. The V6 combines with Virgin Media fibre broadband to bring you the best streaming possible, with subscribers able to watch hit shows such as The Crown, House of Cards and A Series of Unfortunate Events in 4K Ultra HD. YouTube is also available in 4K, but this is dependant on the video you're watching. 

Series Link+

If you're a Virgin Media customer, you're probably familiar with Series Link, which lets you set a series to record automatically so you don't miss an episode. The V6 Box features the new Series Link+, giving you more options when recording your favourite shows. Whilst the standard version recordes episodes on the same channel, Series Link+ searches all over for episodes of the show, including other channels, Catch Up, On Demand and even Netflix. This means your favourite programme will be waiting for you in a dedicated folder, ready to watch wherever you are.

Improved remote

The V6 Box comes with a new and improved remote control that comes with new features to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. If you're tired of playing hide and seek with your remote, the Find My Remote feature is ideal. This gives the remote a small beep sound, making it easy to find if it's tucked into the sofa or under a chair. The remote also works better with the box, with an improved sensor that can interact with the V6 even if it's shut away or at an awkward angle.


The V6 Box is powered by TiVo, making it ideal for recording your favourite shows and films to watch whenever you want. The V6 box improves the standard TiVo service in a number of ways by giving you a huge 500 hours due to the 1TB storage. This is a huge improvement on the standard Virgin box and means you can record almost without limits.

On top of this, you'll also be able to record 6 shows at once compared to the standard 3. This means you won't be restricted when recording shows or forced to choose between 2 programmes you really love. With a second V6 box, this figure doubles to twelve, with viewers able to stream your recordings from one to the other by hooking them up. 

Watch anywhere

Using the V6 Box in conjunction with the new Virgin TV Anywhere app means you can view your recorded and on-demand content along with up to 100 live channels anywhere you want on the go. This is compatible with a huge range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. As well as streaming via WiFi, you'll also be able to download your recorded shows and Box Sets to watch on the go without an internet connection, giving you true freedom as to what you want to watch and when. 


One of the V6's best improvements is the speed it operates. Older Virgin Media boxes have been known to be slow when navigating its menus and when booting up, but the V6 rectifies these issues by making everything faster. This makes navigating menus easier than before, with the boot-up time also seeing an improvement. The V6 Box is a genuinely modern device, allowing for the best viewing experience possible. 

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