How does Sky Piggybank work? What is it & more

Maximise your mobile data with Sky Piggybank.

Sky Piggybank is a fantastic scheme Sky employs for their mobile customers that brings many benefits each month. Find out all about Sky Piggybank here.

What is Sky Piggybank?

Sky Mobile has several unique and great features that are made to attempt to rival the various other mobile plan providers out there. One such feature is Sky Piggybank.

Sky Piggybank is simply where your unused data each month is stored where it can be cashed in for great rewards!

There are a number of benefits to doing this beyond cashing in for rewards. By seeing how much data you are not using and collecting each month, you can work out how much data you really need each month and can change your plan to suit your needs.

But really, it’s the rewards that make this scheme so great!

How does Sky Piggybank work?

As explained above, Sky Piggybank works in the background to store the mobile data you don’t use each month.

The data is stored and you can access whenever you like, cashing in for rewards or you can use it as a top-up. Say you were to find yourself out of data one month, you can dip into your Sky Piggybank storage and use some of your data from there.

Sky Piggybank can be used on family mobile plans as well, using one pot for all lines. This can help build up the bank even quicker depending on how many lines are included. The main account holder can then divvy out the data to the other lines if and when needed.

Only whole GB values will be able to be stored. You won’t be able to put away 500MB or so, the minimum is 1GB. You must also already have at least 1GB in your piggy bank to be able to continue storing data.

The data is rolled over at the end of each billing period, so this depends on what day of the month you have that set up for. The data will be rolled over and displayed in your Sky Piggybank before midnight on your bill date.

There is no limit to how much data you can save, too. However, there is a finite amount of time for you to use it up.

How long does Sky Piggybank last?

The data in your Sky Piggybank will be kept and held there for three years. This doesn’t mean that three years after you’ve started your mobile plan the storage will reset itself, though.

What it simply means is that any data stored each month has a three-year shelf life in the storage. That means that data stored in August 2023 would last until July 2026.

How do I access my Sky Piggybank?

You can access your Sky Piggybank online or from the My Sky app.


Head to and sign in with your Sky ID. Once there, head to My Account, then to Mobile, then finally to Sky Piggybank.

My Sky app

In the My Sky app, simply go to the menu, select Mobile, and then select Manage Piggybank.

For both online and on the My Sky app, once you are in the Sky Piggybank menu, you will be able to see and access everything about your storage. This includes choosing what to do with your stored data, such as browsing what rewards are on offer.

What are Sky Piggybank rewards?

The Sky Piggybank rewards are generally money off other items. This could be money off some accessories, or money off your next device upgrade.

Latest updated rewards

The rewards may be updated and changed every now and then, so be sure to continually check what is available for you either online or through the app.

These are the current rewards available with how much data they cost to redeem them.

Phone & Tablet

These rewards are available as discounts towards you if you are looking to buy a new phone or tablet:

  • 25GB for £10 off
  • 50GB for £20 off
  • 80GB for £32 off

Mobile Accessories

For the various mobile accessories, you can get:

10GB for £5 off

You can also spend 50GB to get a £25 iSmash Repair voucher. The voucher is then delivered to you within 10 days.

Sky Product rewards

Your Sky Piggybank rewards can also be used on Ocean Rescue products in the Sky Mobile Accessories range. You can get:

  • Any Sky Ocean Rescue Thermal Cup: 10GB for £8 off
  • Any Sky Ocean Rescue Water Bottle: 20GB for £10 off


If for any (valid) reason you want to return a product that you bought/partly bought using your Sky Piggybank rewards, you will receive your used Piggybank data back into your account once the item is returned.

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