How Much is Sky Cinema HD? | Sky Cinema HD Price & Package

With this guide, we’ll show you the best of what Sky Cinema has to offer, how you can make it part of your Sky package and the best bundles to choose if you’re interested.


Sky Cinema is Sky's premium movie platform, offering viewers an extensive library of films across a variety of different channels. Sky Cinema is available through a number of different TV bundles, giving viewers the option to combine it with whatever package they want. Sky Cinema's unprecedented variety and convenience make it the best way to watch both new and classic movies on TV, whether it's live or on demand.

Sky Cinema Channels

Sky Cinema features channels for every type of movie fan, with the schedule changing often. No matter what your preferences are, it's easy to find a film you want to watch when tuning into Sky Cinema. Comedy offers cinematic laughs from the world over with films such as The Hangover, Trainwreck and The 40 Year Old Virgin, whereas Sky Sci Fi and Horror offers exciting movies including The Chronicles of Riddick and Ghost Rider

One of the best things about Sky Cinema is the mixture of old and new films. Sky Crime and Thriller is a great example of this, showing films like the classic Deliverance alongside recent Bond thriller Spectre. Sky Premiere is the channel for all your recent film needs, with new films added to Sky Cinema debuting there before moving to other channels.

Sky Cinema gets many films at the same time as their arrival on home media, allowing you to catch up with recent hits such as Steve Jobs, The Intern and Pay the Ghost. Sky Cinema subscribers can enjoy a new premier every day, meaning there's always something new to watch. 

As well as newer films, Sky Cinema Greats offers classic movies that you might have never seen or want to experience all over again. Greats offers classics such as The Terminator, E.T. and Scarface, with the line-up refreshing all the time. Sky Disney is the more recent channel to the platform, offering both animated and live-action Disney movies exclusively. 
Sky Cinema also offers limited-time Collections channels,allowing you to watch specific film franchises live and on-demand. This includes some of cinema's biggest movie series, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

Sky Cinema HD

Sky Cinema channels are divided into two forms, standard and HD. Sky Cinema HD channels allow those with high-definition TVs to enjoy films show on Sky Cinema in higher quality and richer detail. Sky Cinema now comes with HD as standard when you subscribe to the Sky Cinema bundle, allowing all Sky Cinema customers with HD TVs to enjoy a better quality of viewing. 

Sky customers who subscribe to the Complete Bundle (consisting of all Sky channels along with Cinema and Sports) will also have access to the HD versions of Sky Cinema channels.

Sky Cinema On Demand

As well as channels that broadcast movies live, Sky Cinema also offers films that viewers can watch on-demand, at any time. This allows subscribers to watch over 1000 movies without having to stick to the Sky Cinema schedule, giving you complete freedom when watching. 

Sky Cinema features all of its currently airing films on-demand, meaning you'll never have to miss out or wait for the hottest new movies or your most loved classics. Sky Cinema On-Demand, just like the standard channels, includes films both old and new, giving you a huge variety of films to choose from.

Sky Cinema On-Demand viewers can enjoy classics such as Blazing Saddles, Stir Crazy and Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan as well as more recent blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Southpaw and Inside Out

On-Demand makes Sky Cinema a more complete package, with users able to stream films from a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone whilst also watching films live as they air on Sky Cinema channels.

How Much Is Sky Cinema?

Sky Cinema varies in price depending on what Sky TV Bundle you go for. Sky Cinema is available as standard if you subscribe to either the Sky Cinema or Sky Complete Bundle. The Sky Cinema Bundle is £40 per month, giving you the complete Sky Cinema experience in SD and HD along with 270 standard Sky and digital channels.

The Complete Bundle also offers Sky Cinema. Customers can get the complete bundle for £80 per month, which is give you Sky Cinema as well as Sky Sports, over 350 channels (including 50 HD channels), more than 350 Sky Box Sets and over 4000 episodes of kids' TV.

If you're already a Sky customer, and you're on a package that doesn't offer Sky Cinema such as the Original Bundle, Variety Bundle and Box Sets Bundle, you can add Sky Cinema to your package for an extra £18 per month. 

With the amount of options available, it's easy to sign up or upgrade to Sky Cinema, no matter what your preference of package is. 

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