How do you get a Replacement Sky Box? What to do if your box breaks

Has your Sky box broken? Here’s what you can do to get a replacement Sky box.

So you're just settling down to watch a brand new episode of Game of Thrones and the worst happens: your Sky Box finally gives up the ghost. But don't worry, we'll show you how to get yourself a brand new replacement, a repair or a second-hand model.

I am an existing Sky customer, how do I get a replacement box?

If you are an existing Sky customer and your box breaks, the replacement procedure largely depends on the type of Sky box you currently have, your current contract and if you have taken up the optional product protection package that Sky offer, which is called Sky Protect.

What is Sky Protect?

Sky Protect insures your Sky devices in the event of them breaking down, but you can also add other devices to your policy, such as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, TV, laptop and tablet. The more products you add to your Sky Protect policy, the more expensive it is, although the lowest-priced tier lets you insure one additional non-Sky device at no extra cost.

At the time of writing,  Sky Protect starts at £9 per month with the ability to cover another device at no extra cost. If you have a Sky Protect policy you can get as many repairs or replacements as you need for the devices you have covered under the plan. For repairs, there is no charge for parts, labour or call-outs and you can schedule a repair at a time that suits you.

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Sky+ HD Protect and Sky Q Protect

It's important to note that you need the type of Sky Protect that corresponds with your Sky box, so if you're a Sky Q customer then you would need Sky Q Protect, not Sky+ HD Protect. This is the only insurance endorsed by Sky, and it covers accidental damage as well as breakdowns.

There are exclusions, such as commercial use and cosmetic or malicious damage, so check these out before you purchase. 

Sky states that as long you tell them about a problem by 4pm, if they can't fix your core Sky equipment the next day, they'll refund you a week's Sky TV subscription (excludes special heights and premises difficult to access safely, North Highlands, and Islands). So if you have Sky Protect, you won't be without TV for very long, but if you don't have this cover you still have a lot of options open to you should you need to get a replacement Sky box.

Replacement Sky+, Sky+ HD & Sky+HD 1 or 2TB boxes

Replacing older Sky boxes can be a little bit more difficult than replacing a newer model. If your older Sky box breaks, you should first contact Sky. The replacement policy here really depends on the model of Sky box you have. Sky no longer carries the older models of set-top boxes, such as the original Sky+ box; so, if you have an original Sky+ box, Sky will not be able to offer a replacement box to you.

If you have a Sky+ HD or Sky+HD 1 or 2TB box, it's more than likely that Sky will replace them with a Sky Q Box, as that's the only box that Sky currently offers with its TV packages.

This would be a box and subscription upgrade, loaning you the Sky Q equipment which would replace your existing box and hub. There are different options with Sky Q, such as Sky Q Multiscreen and a choice of 1TB or 2TB, so it's down to your preferences.

However, you can also buy a replacement Sky+, Sky+ HD & Sky+HD 1 or 2TB for yourself from eBay, Amazon or specialised retailers that offer refurbished Sky boxes. But remember If you do buy a replacement box yourself, make sure you remove your Sky viewing card from your old box.

You'll also have to call Sky to pair your viewing card with the new Sky box that you've just bought. If you have purchased your new Sky box privately, the box may still be keyed to the account of the person you bought it from.

This is very unlikely for the older models (as the contract will most likely have expired), but some scammers have been known to order new Sky boxes and sell them on, with no intention of fulfilling their contractual obligations. Unfortunately, if you have fallen victim to this scam, Sky may ask for the box to be returned to them.

This is why it is a good idea to contact Sky before buying a replacement box yourself.

Do remember that recordings cannot be transferred from one Sky box to another, regardless of whether you're upgrading or keeping the same model.

Replacement Sky Q 1TB, Sky Q 2TB & Sky Q Mini Boxes

If you need a replacement Sky Q box, of any size, then the replacement procedure is relatively simple. Bear in mind that if you have Sky Q, then you do not actually own the equipment that you use.

The plus side of this is that Sky will come out and replace faulty equipment if you are under contract. If you have a Sky Protect plan, Sky will send an engineer to replace or fix any faulty equipment within 2 days. This covers all types of Sky Q box, including the Sky Q Mini.

If you don't have Sky Protect you will have to call Sky directly to order a new box and to schedule an appointment with an engineer to install it. If you need to find out how much this will cost, you need to speak directly to a Sky advisor.

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