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Launched in 2011, Sky Atlantic is one of the broadcaster’s most popular channels which features exclusive, award-winning series from both the UK and the US. Learn how you can catch-up on the Sky Atlantic content you’ve missed with our handy guide. 

How can I catch up with Sky Atlantic?

All Sky TV customers have access to catch-up TV as part of their package. As long as you’ve got a good broadband connection (fibre is preferable but not necessary) you can watch TV shows from up to 30 days ago via this catch-up service.

In order to access Sky’s catch-up service, you’ll need to connect your Sky box to the internet which you can do either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable. 

How do I connect my Sky Q box to the internet?

To wirelessly connect up your main Sky Q box or an additional Sky Q mini box head to the home menu and scroll down to settings. Select status then network connection > network setup where you’ll be asked whether you want to connect to Sky Broadband WiFi or WiFi from another supplier. 

After selecting the appropriate option, Sky customers will then need to press the WPS button on their home router, identifiable by two opposing arrows pointing up and down. Those who use an alternative provider will just need to pick the name of their router from the list presented.

Alternatively, those who want to use an ethernet cable should start by plugging one end of it into your Sky Q box and the other into your router. Under the network setup heading, simply choose the wired connection option.

How do I connect my Sky HD+ box to the internet?

To wirelessly connect your Sky HD+ box to the internet press and hold the WPS button on your Sky Broadband router and then do the same with the corresponding button on the front of your box.

Again, if you'd like to use an ethernet cable, just plug one end into your router and the other into your Sky HD+ box. 

Once you know that your box is connected to your home broadband you can go to the Sky Planner, select catch-up and browse the Sky Atlantic shows which can be downloaded and viewed on demand. Once the show is ready, you’ll receive an on-screen notification

Which channel is Sky Atlantic on?

Sky customers will find Sky Atlantic on channel 108 of the Sky Planner. The HD version is available on channel 808. 

Is there a Sky Atlantic Plus 1 channel?

Yes, you can find Sky Atlantic +1 on channel 208 to catch its slate of programs one hour later.  

Which shows are on Sky Atlantic?

Sky Atlantic is the exclusive home to a wide range of critically-acclaimed series from both the UK and the US. While Sky do create their own original content, the majority is contributed by premium US-based channels HBO and Showtime. Customers can enjoy a mix of brand-new episodes and repeats of past seasons. 

Sky Atlantic selected shows:

  • Chernobyl
  • Big Little Lies
  • Riviera
  • Billions
  • Game of Thrones
  • Black Monday

How long are Sky Atlantic shows available on catch-up?

Everything that’s on Sky Atlantic will generally be available on catch-up for about a month afterwards. Once you’ve downloaded the show you’ll have plenty of time to watch it, but some can delete themselves after a certain amount of time. 

To check if there is a time limit on a show, head into your recordings on the Sky Planner and press “i” on your remote for more information.

Is there an app for Sky Atlantic catch-up?

Another way to catch-up with content on Sky Atlantic is to use Sky Go, an online platform which allows you to stream TV and film through its dedicated app. 

Sky Go is included with all Sky TV packages at no extra cost and is compatible with a wide range of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, computers and games consoles.

You can register up to six separate devices to one Sky Go account but can only watch on one screen at a time. Swapping out your devices is now free and can be done as many times as you like, but you’ll need to remove one of the others first. 

For an additional £5 a month, customers can get access to the upgraded version Sky Go Extra. The two biggest benefits are the ability to download content for offline viewing and that you can now watch on two screens at a time instead of just one.

Can I record Sky Atlantic?

Yes, you can record anything that’s live and available on your TV package with both the Sky HD+ and Sky Q boxes. It’s a great alternative to using Sky’s catch-up service as it allows you to store content for much longer than its 30 day limit. 

Sky Atlantic on NOW TV

Purchasing a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for £7.99 a month will give you access to 11 live channels including Sky Atlantic and many of its great series in an on-demand library of over 300 box-sets.  

Each NOW TV pass is contract free working on a month by month basis so you can enjoy everything Sky Atlantic has to offer without committing to a long TV contract. You can dip in and out when your favourite shows are on the air so you don’t have to pay for a service you’re not using. 

The NOW TV app is available to download for free on a huge range of devices including both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, games consoles, smart TVs and laptops.

Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media

Virgin Media customers can’t currently Sky Atlantic with their TV packages but we’ll update this page if anything changes.

Sky Atlantic on BT

The NOW TV app is now available on both of BT’s YouView boxes but unfortunately, only the Sky Cinema pass is supported. The Entertainment Pass, and so Sky Atlantic, currently aren’t available but if this changes, the information will be available on this page.

Sky Atlantic on Freeview

Sky Atlantic is not available on either Freeview or Freesat. As it's a premium channel, it’s unlikely to become available on either at any point.

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