Sky Atlantic Streaming | Our Complete Guide

We run through the online platforms which enable Sky Atlantic streaming, so you can watch the channel's brilliant selection of shows on demand.

Streaming Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic is one of Sky's premium TV channels which features a brilliant mix of award-winning US imports, like the incredibly popular fantasy series Game of Thrones and David Lynch's fantastically bizarre Twin Peaks: The Return, only a day after they've aired in the States along with a selection of great original programming like glossy crime-drama Riviera.

As well as being available to watch in the traditional way with a TV and Sky brand set-top-box, you're also able to stream Sky Atlantic online via a number of different of sources.


On-demand streaming service NOW TV is actually owned by Sky so as well as being able to find a huge selection of different Sky Atlantic shows amongst its various box sets you'll also be able to enjoy it as a live channel.

NOW TV works slightly differently to other streaming service like Netflix where you pay a monthly subscription fee to access all of its content as instead, you purchase separate monthly passes in order to gain access to a specific library of content.

To enjoy Sky Atlantic both as a live TV channel and on-demand with NOW TV you'll require an Entertainment Pass which will cost you just £7.99 a month.

NOW TV is available either via a NOW TV brand set-top-box or a free-to-download app which is available on all kinds of devices including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, games consoles and streaming sticks like the Google Chromecast.

Sky Go

Sky's other streaming service Sky Go allows Sky customers to enjoy Sky Atlantic as a live TV channel and on-demand for no extra monthly cost.

It's available on your computer or laptop's web browser on both Mac and Windows and via a free-to-download app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

In order to use Sky Go you'll first need to register your device to your account. You can only have two devices reigstered to your account at any one time and will need your Sky iD and corresponding password to sign-in.

Although you don't need Sky broadband to use Sky Go you do unfortunately need to have some kind of Sky TV package.

Upgrading to Sky Go Extra for another £5 a month gives you the ability to download TV shows and films for offline viewing, register up to four devices to your account and enjoy Sky Go on games consoles.


The site's own on-demand streaming service Amazon Prime Instant Video unfortunately doesn't actually feature any of the series shown on Sky Atlantic as part of its £5.99 a monthly subscription package.

But what it does allow you to do is buy both individual episodes and whole series of Sky Atlantic titles in SD or HD at prices which are generally a little bit lower than what you'd expect to pay on the high-street.

For those TV series which are currently airing, you're able to buy a season pass which gives you all of the previously aired episodes and automatically adds future episodes to your library as soon as they appear online for a nicely reduced price.

Handily, you don't have to have an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription in order to purchase these TV shows but what you do need is an Amazon account. These can be set up for free very quickly just by entering your email address and selected password.

Any purchases you do make will be stored under the Your Video Library tab on your account and you can download your purchased content for offline viewing so it can be enjoyed wherever you like.

Amazon can be accessed through your computer or laptop's web browser, Amazon devices like Kindles and via a free-to-download app on Android smartphones and tablets, certain games consoles and smart TVs.

Although you can't actually buy TV shows through the Amazon app on iOS devices, you can easily circumnavigate this by using your device's web browser instead.

This issue is also present on the Xbox One which can currently only be used to watch whatever's already been added to your Amazon library. 


Apple's own media service works in much the same way as Amazon's by allowing you to buy competitively-priced individual episodes, whole seasons of and season passes for many great Sky Atlantic TV shows in both SD and HD.

iTunes comes automatically available on all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac and can also be downloaded onto Windows computers and laptops by visiting Apple's website.

Any Sky Atlantic content you do buy via your free-to-set-up iTunes account will appear under your purchases tab and you're able to download all of it for offline viewing.

Buying TV shows on iTunes also allows you to take advantage of Apple's Airplay feature and stream your selected content from a smaller device like a iPad to an Apple TV so you can enjoy them in all their glory on the big screen.

Google Play Movies and TV

The Google Play Movies and TV store features a smaller selection of the content shown on Sky Atlantic than some of the other services on this list but it makes for a nice alternative for certain users.

Like with Amazon and iTunes, individual episodes, whole seasons and season passes are all available to buy for very fair prices.

It actually exists as a separate app from the official Google Play Store so it's available as a free-to-download app for both iOS and Android users on smartphones and tablets along with Chromebook laptops, Android TVs and streaming sticks.

Sadly, the app can't be downloaded onto any other type of computer and it runs into identical issues on iOS as Amazon's own app does by only letting you watch content you've bought elsewhere. You can remedy this in exactly the same way however by using your device's web browser to access the Google Play Movies and TV store.

All devices support offline viewing and while the issues with iOS are a bit annoying, the ability to use Airplay on these devices makes up for this.

TalkTalk TV store

Provider TalkTalk acquired on-demand streaming service Blinkbox from Tesco in 2014 and re-named it the TalkTalk TV Store.

Like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, it works as a pay-as-you-go service so you're only charged for the Sky Atlantic shows you've streamed.

Both individual episodes and entire seasons are available to buy and there's always a number of rotating special offers on, so you might even be able to snap up your favourites for a greatly discounted price.

Luckily, you don't have to be a TalkTalk customer in order to enjoy the service. All you've got to do is create a free account by visiting the TalkTalk website and entering your selected email and password combination.

If you are a TalkTalk customer, you'll be able to access the store through your YouView set-top-box but it's also available as a free-to-download app on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, PCs and Macs, streaming sticks and games consoles.

BT TV store

You'll need to be a BT customer in order to be able to use the BT TV Store which features a decent mix of Sky Atlantic content to stream on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Again, you're able to buy both individual episodes and entire seasons but are only able to access the BT TV Store via your YouView set-top-box.

Pressing the BT Player button on your remote will automatically transfer your over to the store where you'll be prompted to enter in your payment details once you've actually selected what you'd like to buy.

While it doesn't actually allow you to access the store, the free-to-download BT TV Buyer app and web player allows you to stream whatever you've bought on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets along with PCs and Macs.

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