Sky Q 1TB vs 2TB | Sky Q boxes explained

We run through the differences between the two equally brilliant models of Sky's set-top-box. 

Whether you take Sky's starting Entertainment package or bundle Entertainment, Kids, HD, Box Sets, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports together for the ultimate TV experience, the fantastic Sky Q set-top-box is automatically included with all of the provider’s TV options. 


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There are two different models to choose from, the Sky Q 1TB box and the Sky Q 2TB box each with their own advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we’ll explain all of these and compare them side by side so you can judge which is the best for you. 

What is a Sky Q box?

The Sky Q box is the set-top-box which gives you access to Sky’s premium TV service of the same name. 

As well as the usual pause, rewind and record live TV capabilities, Sky Q boasts a whole load of other next-generation features designed to enhance your viewing. Users can download content to the free Sky Q app to watch offline, access third-party apps like Netflix and enjoy a whole range of HD and 4K Ultra HD content. 

Purchasing and connecting up additional Sky Q Mini boxes will also allow you to take advantage of the much publicised fluid viewing feature.

The Sky Q box is available in two different models, the Sky Q 1TB box and the Sky Q 2TB box. 

Sky Q 1TB box

With the Sky Q 1TB box you can:

  • Record up to 3 shows whilst watching a fourth
  • Stream Netflix and access other third-party apps like YouTube
  • Store up to 500 hours of content 
  • Enjoy HD films and TV shows
  • Stream your recordings to one Sky Q Mini box

Sky Q 2TB box

With the Sky Q 2TB box you can:

  • Record 6 shows whilst watching a 7th
  • Stream Netflix and access other third-party apps like YouTube
  • Store up to 1000 hours of content
  • Enjoy 4K Ultra HD films and TV shows
  • Stream your recordings to two Sky Q Mini boxes

Sky Q 1TB vs 2TB 

The 2TB box technically has the advantage over its smaller sibling, but it might not always be the one that’s right for you. 

New Sky customers will need to pay a considerably higher installation fee for the 2TB box compared to the 1TB box. You have to pay this on top of purchasing your TV bundle and any add-ons like Sky Sports or Sky Ultimate On Demand, so it’s definitely something to bear in mind if you’re shopping on a budget. 

If you live in a busy household, the convenience of being able to simultaneously record more content and stream to multiple devices will make the 2TB box worth paying that bit extra for. Those who want to enjoy 4K Ultra HD viewing will also want the 2TB box as it’s sadly not supported by the 1TB option.

Providing you’ve got the Sky Q Hub wireless router, both of the main Sky Q boxes and any Sky Q Mini boxes you’ve got connected up will work together to create their own mesh network independent of your home broadband. This way, you’ll never have to worry about your broadband speed being to slow to support the service. 

What is the Sky Q Mini box?

  • Watch live TV
  • Unlock the multi-room feature and stream your recordings all around the house
  • Access everything on your main box

The Sky Q Mini box is a smaller version of the main Sky Q set-top-box which allows you to watch live TV and stream your recordings all around the house. You’ll have access to everything stored on the main box, with the ability to delete and download more, and everything connects together wirelessly. 

With the Sky 1TB box you can only stream to one additional Sky Q Mini box at a time but on the Sky 2TB box you can stream to two. Up to four Sky Q Mini box can be chained together.

Even if you’ve got the 2TB Sky Q box, the Mini boxes don’t support 4K Ultra HD viewing. 

How much is Sky Q?

  • £20 installation fee for the Sky 1TB box 
  • £75 installation fee for the Sky 2TB box
  • £13 a month for the Sky Q Experience, needed to enjoy Ultra HD and use a Sky Q Mini box
  • Each Sky Q Mini box costs £20 each 

A Sky Q box is now offered as standard with every Sky TV package and bundle. 

New and existing customers wishing to upgrade to Sky Q will be charged an installation fee for each box, £20 installation fee for the 1TB Sky Q box and a £75 installation fee for the 2TB box. In order to enjoy Ultra HD on your 2TB box and to be able to use a Sky Q Mini box you’ll also need to purchase the Sky Q Experience for an extra £13 a month. 

Each Mini box is priced at £20 each and you’ll need to pay for any additional add-ons like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or Kids. 

Can I transfer my Sky+ recordings to Sky Q?

No, unfortunately there’s no way to transfer any recordings you’ve made on your Sky+ box to your new Sky Q box. 

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