Sky Q 1TB vs 2TB | Sky Q boxes explained

We run through the differences between the three models of Sky's next-generation box. 

Whether you take the basic Sky Signature deal or Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and everything else together, the brilliant Sky Q box is automatically included with all of the provider’s TV options. 

Customers can choose from three different types of Sky box each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this guide, we’ll explore what these are and compare the boxes side-by-side so you can decide which is the best for you. 

What is a Sky Q box?

The Sky Q box gives you access to Sky’s premium TV service of the same name. As well as the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV, Sky Q boasts a whole load of features designed to enhance your viewing. 

Sky Q 1TB box

With the Sky Q 1TB box you can:

  • Record up to 3 shows whilst watching a fourth live
  • Access apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Spotify
  • Store up to 500 hours of SD recordings 
  • Enjoy HD films and TV shows
  • Watch live TV and your recordings on one Sky Q Mini box

Sky Q 2TB box

With the Sky Q 2TB box you can:

  • Record 6 shows whilst watching a 7th live
  • Access apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Spotify
  • Store up to 1000 hours of SD recordings
  • Enjoy 4K Ultra HD films and TV shows
  • Watch live TV and your recordings on two Sky Q Mini boxes 

Sky Q 1TB UHD box

The Sky Q 1TB UHD box does everything that the standard model can do with one key difference, it allows you to enjoy a great variety of films, sport, series and documentaries in beautifully glossy UHD.

In addition to the box, customers will need a 4K compatible TV, the Sky HD and Ultra HD add ons plus a broadband speed of at least 25Mbps. If you want to watch films and sports in UHD, you'll need the Sky Cinema and Sky Sports add ons too.

Sky Q 1TB vs 2TB 

The 2TB box allows you to do more than either version of the 1TB box but depending on your viewing habits it may not always be the best option for you. 

If you don’t need lots of recording space for example, then the 1TB box will be perfect for you. Those who live in a large household where the ability to stream to multiple mini boxes is important however, will want to opt for the 2TB box.

There’s also the idea of budget to consider. New customers will have to pay more to get the 2TB box installed on top of purchasing Sky Signature and any extras like HD or Kids. 

What is the Sky Q Mini box?

  • Watch live TV and recordings 
  • Stream content to different rooms by adding Sky Q Multiscreen
  • Up to four Sky Q Mini boxes can be chained together at one time

The Sky Q Mini box is a smaller version of the main Sky Q box that you can use to watch TV all around your house by purchasing Sky Q Multiscreen. You can watch live TV plus all of your recordings and can download content from on demand. 

With the Sky 1TB box you can only stream to one additional Sky Q Mini box at a time. The Sky 2TB box allows you to stream to two Sky Q Mini boxes at once.

Do Sky Q Mini boxes support UHD viewing?

Even if you’ve got the 1TB UHD or  2TB Sky Q box, the Mini box unfortunately doesn’t support 4K Ultra HD viewing. 

How much is Sky Q?

The price you’ll pay for your Sky Q deal will vary depending on how you customize it. 

One with Sky Cinema and Sky Sports added on will be significantly more expensive than just taking the entry-level Sky Signature for example. You’ll also need to pay for installation costs and set-up fees plus any upgrades that you'd like to make to an existing subscription.

Can I transfer my Sky+ recordings to Sky Q?

No, unfortunately, there’s no way to transfer any recordings you’ve made on your Sky+ box to your new Sky Q box.

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