What is Sky Broadband Boost?

Enjoy daily checks on your line, access to the Broadband Buddy app and much more with this add-on from Sky

Sky Broadband Boost is an add-on you can purchase to enhance the quality of your internet service. This guide will explain exactly what it is, how much it costs and the many great features it includes. 

What is Sky Broadband Boost?

Adding the Sky Broadband Boost to your deal gives you access to a variety of different features which help to ensure you receive the strong, reliable connection you’re paying for. 

Sky Broadband Boost is available on an 18-month contract and can only be added to Sky Broadband Superfast, Sky Broadband Ultrafast or Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus.

What is included with the Sky Broadband Boost?

What is included with Sky Broadband Boost?

Once your Sky Broadband Boost has been activated you’ll receive:

  • An upgrade to the new Sky Broadband Hub
  • Free engineer visits at the evenings and weekends 
  • Daily checks on your line to check for faults
  • Sky’s Wifi guarantee - at least 3Mbps in every room
  • Use of the Sky Broadband Buddy app 
  • A 2GB of extra data in the event of an outage

More convenient engineer appointments 

The usual charge for these is £15 but this fee will be waived for Sky Broadband Boost customers. Whether you book online or via phone, the discount will be automatically applied.  

A test run on your phone line every day 

These checks will begin after the first 28 days of your contract and will look for broadband faults that have occurred outside your home. They’ll take place between 12am - 5am and if a problem is found and an engineer needs to be sent out, you’ll be notified via text. 

You’ll get another message to say that the issue has been successfully repaired and because the engineer doesn’t require access to your home, you don’t need to be in. 

Sky’s Wifi guarantee

This feature, which is activated 14 days after the start of your contract, is only available to those who took Sky Broadband Boost after 4th September 2019. If you added it before, you’ll need to get in touch with Sky to upgrade.

If you think you aren’t getting 3Mbps in every room you’ll first need to test your speed using Sky’s own checker tool. A phone agent or engineer will then assess your setup to see if there’s any way to fix the issue. 

Following this, if your wifi speed is still not up to scratch you’ll be refunded the cost of your Sky Broadband Boost and will get it for free for the remainder of your contract. 

Sky Wifi guarantee.

Sky Broadband Buddy app

You can download the Sky Broadband Buddy app for free from either the App or Google Play store. You’ll need iOS 11 or later on your Apple device and Android 6.0 or later on your Android device.

The Sky Broadband Buddy app allows you to effectively manage your family’s screen time and help keep them safe online. You can filter what websites they can access so younger children don’t see anything inappropriate and place a limit on how long they can spend online. If all their homework’s been done, you can reward them with extra time too. 

Get a free 2GB of data if there’s a broadband outage

This benefit is for Sky Mobile customers only. If your broadband has an outage that wasn’t planned, lasts more than half an hour or occurs between 7am and 11pm, you’ll get an additional 2GB of data automatically added to your Sky Piggybank. 

Unfortunately, you’re unable to receive more than 3 extra data credits in a month and no more than 18 extra data credits in 18 months. 

2GB of data free if there is a broadband outage.

How do I get Sky Broadband Boost?

You can add Sky Broadband Boost to your Superfast, Ultrafast or Ultrafast Plus deal either via visiting Sky’s website or giving them a call on 03337593543.

How much is Sky Broadband Boost?

Sky Broadband Boost is available for an extra £5 a month on top of what you already pay for your existing products. 

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