What is Sky Ultrafast Plus? | Sky Ultrafast Plus cost, packages & more

Sky’s upper mid-tier broadband is quickly becoming a favourite across the nation.

What is Sky Ultrafast Plus?

Sky Ultrafast Plus is one of the company’s best packages available and is perfect for broadband-hungry households.

Providing incredibly fast and reliable speeds, Ultrafast Plus is ideal for households with multiple occupants and many devices that require a wifi connection.

With the UK coverage of FTTP (fibre to the premises) growing, more and more customers are gaining access to this top-end broadband package.

How fast is Sky Ultrafast Plus?

Sky rivals their competitors for the best upper midrange package with Ultrafast Plus, boasting average download speeds of 500Mbps and upload speeds of 60Mbps.

It is almost 14x quicker than Sky’s entry package, Sky Superfast 35, and 8x faster than Sky Superfast.

As ever, Sky has a WiFi Guarantee on each package, and with Ultrafast Plus, that minimum guarantee is still a whopping 400Mbps.

These speeds make it great for households with five or more occupants and heavy broadband usage.

It can handle multiple devices streaming content, high definition and video game downloads, online gameplay, and much more, all at the same time - in fact, it doesn’t just handle it, but still able to provide a strong and steady connection to every device.

Is Sky Ultrafast Plus full fibre?

Sky Ultrafast Plus is available using an FTTP connection only, making it the first FTTP-only broadband package in the company’s range.

FTTP connections mean that a fibre cable is run from the telephone exchange all the way through to the households, providing the strongest and fastest connection possible.

Being FTTP-only is an upgrade on Sky Ultrafast, which is capable of using FTTP as well as FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and its slightly faster variations.

Where is Sky Ultrafast Plus available?

FTTP is still being rolled out nationwide, with coverage now sitting at just over 55%, meaning many households are capable of handling it, and with the rollout still ongoing, many will continue to have access to it soon.

It is most widely available in Northern Ireland, with 93% of households having access to it. England is next with 54.6%, then Wales with 53.9%, with Scotland last at 50%.*

The rollout plan aims to cover 25 million households and businesses by December 2026, and with the current rate of expansion sitting at 1% every 25-32 days (this rate does fluctuate and can be more or less), it is going at a good pace.

*These numbers are correct as of 26th August 2023.

Is Sky Ultrafast Plus good for gaming?

Sky Ultrafast Plus is a brilliant option for heavy gaming use as it has more than enough bandwidth capabilities to play online games.

20Mbps is the accepted minimum to play online games without much or any lag, so this puts Ultrafast Plus at a massive advantage and should mean absolutely no problems while playing.

It is also capable of downloading bigger-sized games in a short amount of time. The new Starfield game from Bethesda is a big one - 126.1GB on Xbox, 139.4GB on PC, to be precise.

At the average 500Mbps with Sky Ultrafast Plus, it would take between 30-45 minutes to fully download.

Is Sky Ultrafast Plus worth it?

Sky Ultrafast Plus is absolutely worth it. If your area is capable of supplying an FTTP connection and you can get Utrafast Plus, then we would highly recommend it.

While Sky Gigafast is the very best offering from Sky, it isn’t anywhere near as available as Ultrafast Plus, making this the fastest option for the majority of households in the UK.

How much does Sky Ultrafast Plus cost?

Sky Ultrafast Plus' standard price is £53 a month on an 18-month contract (correct as of 15/04/24, price may change during contract).

Be sure to check out the Sky website or right here on Digital TV to see if there are any Sky Ultrafast Plus deal available.

For an extra £7.50 a month, you can get the Sky WiFi Max add-on, which will provide you with multiple benefits to your connection, including the newest and best Sky Max Hub and extender pods to help reach every corner of the house.

Sky Ultrafast Plus Fibre

£32.00 a month (down from £53.00)Prices may change during contract

  • 500Mbps average speed
  • Unlimited usage
  • Line rental included
  • 18-month contract
  • No upfront cost
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