What is Sky VIP? Sky's loyalty programme explained

Sky broadband and TV customers can enjoy all kinds of benefits with Sky VIP.

Sky VIP gives all Sky TV and broadband customers access to a wide selection of free rewards, including the ability to apply for VIP tickets to all kinds of events, free installation of some of their top technology and access to an exclusive TV channel. 

This guide will take you through exactly how Sky VIP works and what’s offered with each membership tier so you too can start enjoying all of its benefits. 

What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is a loyalty scheme which offer rewards to both new and long-term TV and broadband customers in the UK and Ireland. There’s no need to sign up as all customers are automatically enrolled and it’s free so you’re not required to pay anything extra a month.

The programme is divided into four different tiers and the length of time you’ve been a Sky customer dictates which one you belong to. The further up you advance, the better quality of reward you’ll receive and as well as able being to enjoy all of the benefits offered by your tier you can also use what’s featured in those below you. 

How does Sky VIP work?

The amount of time you’ve been a Sky customer is measured from the time your service was first activated. If you were to leave the service and then return, it would be taken from the day your service resumed and not the date it originally commenced. 

You won’t be able to join Sky VIP if you have an outstanding debt on your Sky account. If you get into debt on your account after joining, you won’t be able to redeem any rewards until it’s all paid off. 

The primary Sky account holder can apply for tickets through Sky VIP for family and friends, all you need to do is just enter in their details when you first book and ensure they take photographic ID along with them. 

Sky VIP membership tiers 

VIP Silver - 0 to 3 years

Customers in the Silver tier will be able to enter into exclusive prize draws and apply for free VIP tickets to all kinds of special events like Premier League matches, the golf Masters and film previews, which take place all across the country so you don’t have to worry about missing out if you don’t live in London.  

You’ll also receive one free film to download and keep forever from the Sky Store which you can also have mailed out to you as a DVD at no extra cost. 

VIP Gold - 3 to 8 years 

With VIP Gold, customers will receive a free subscription to Sky Go Extra and access to the Sky Atlantic VIP TV channel. 

Sky Go Extra is the enhanced version of Sky’s on-demand platform which not only allows you to stream a variety of content from across their group of channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky One and those from Sky Cinema if you’ve purchased the add-on, but also download them to your device for offline viewing. 

You can watch some of Sky Atlantic’s biggest show on Sky Atlantic VIP 24 hours before they air on the main channel.  

VIP Platinum - 8 to 15 years

Once you reach the Platinum tier of Sky’s loyalty scheme you won’t incur a set-up charge if you choose to upgrade to any of Sky Fibre’s superfast fibre optic broadband packages and will be awarded a free data boost on your Sky Mobile contract. 

VIP Black  - 15+ years

The top Black tier entitles you to free Sky Q set-up so you can enjoy Sky’s next-generation TV service for less and access priority technical support. 

You’ll be given the number for a dedicated phone line which puts you straight through to VIP advisors. If you do call the standard customer support line, your VIP Black status will ensure you’re taken right to the front of the queue. 

Sky VIP tier Length of membership Rewards
Sky VIP Silver 0 to 3 years Enter into exclusive prize draws and apply for VIP tickets.
Sky VIP Gold 3 to 8 years Free Sky Go Extra subscription and access to Sky Atlantic VIP channel.
Sky VIP Platinum 8 to 15 years Free Sky Fibre broadband set-up and free data boost for Sky mobile.
Sky VIP Black 15+ years Free Sky Q set-up and access to priority VIP technical support.

How do I get Sky VIP?

Sky VIP can only be accessed through the My Sky app which is available to download for free on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  

Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign-in using your Sky ID and head into the Sky VIP section where you’ll automatically be sorted into the correct tier. You’re then free to start claiming your rewards.

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