What is Sky Store?

We answer your frequently asked questions. 

With the Sky Store, you can rent or buy some of the newest films available, along with other, older movies that you’re desperate to see. Let’s have a go at answering some of your most frequently asked questions about the Sky Store.

Can you access the Sky Store without a Sky TV subscription?

Even if you don’t have a Sky TV subscription, you can still rent or buy movies from the Sky Store. 

You can do this by signing up online and either downloading the Sky Store app on your iOS or Android device, watching on your NOW TV, YouView or Roku device or by visiting the Sky Store website browser on your Mac or PC. 

Once you’ve downloaded the Sky Store app, you’ll be able to download and watch Sky Store movies offline and on the go. 

If you do have Sky TV you can access Sky Store movies via your Sky+HD box without having to download an app. 

Can you get Sky Store on Sky Go? 

Sky Store purchases and rentals cannot be watched via the Sky Go app!

Sky Go is Sky’s app that allows existing Sky TV subscribers to watch both live and on-demand Sky programmes whenever and wherever they want, and is a separate entity to Sky Store. 

Even if you don’t have a Sky TV subscription, you can still rent or buy movies from the Sky Store. 

In order to watch the films rented and purchased on Sky Store, you must either watch them on your Sky box, the Sky Store browser or via an app downloaded on one of your devices as we have mentioned in the above section. 

How much do films cost on Sky Store?

The cost of Sky films on Sky Store will vary depending on how recently released your film of choice is. 

Under the ‘New To Rent’ section you will find the most recent movies available to rent, which will typically set you back £5.49 to rent in standard definition. There is also often an option to buy and keep a digital edition of films on the Sky Store, which will vary in price anywhere between £7.99 and £15.99. Bought films tend to be in high definition, and there is often an option to also purchase a DVD or Blu-ray version too, which will take you to the latter end of the pay scale.  

Renting older films, such as those under the ‘Classics’ genre will cost less, starting from £3.49. You’ll also be given the option to buy films that aren’t recent releases, which will typically cost upwards of £5.99. 

Boxsets are available to be purchased on the Sky Store, too, such as the hit movie franchise Alien, with all six movies costing £33.99 in high definition. There are other things to look out for on the Sky Store that are subject to change frequently, such as the ‘Weekly Offers’ section, where films can be bought and kept for as little as £4 and films can be rented for as little as £1.99. 

Prices are subject to change, so to see the prices for yourself, head on over to the Sky Store. 

How long does a rental last on the Sky Store? 

When you purchase a rental movie on the Sky Store, it’ll stay on your account for 30 days. 

From the minute you start watching your movie of choice, you will be able to keep it for a further 48 hours, so be sure to watch it within that time frame! 

Can you cancel a Sky Store pre-order? 

While films are still in the cinema and not yet available for release, viewers can choose to pre-order selected titles from the Sky Store. Some films will have a release date, but unfortunately Sky is unable to provide a specific time for some of the movies currently displayed on the Sky Store. Although, Sky will email you when they have been told a release date if you do choose to pre-order a movie without one. 

You will only be charged for the movie you’ve pre-ordered when it releases, as it will automatically download to your account. If you wait until this point, you will not be able to receive a refund. 

You will be able to cancel a Sky Store pre-order before the release date, and because you are only charged on the movie’s release date, you will not be charged. In order to cancel your pre-order, select the ‘Contact Us’ option in the Sky Store web browser and contact the team as they are the only ones who can do it for you.  

Can you cancel a Blu-ray or DVD order from the Sky Store? 

If you have ordered a DVD or Blu-ray version of a movie and you want to get a refund, select ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the Sky Store page if you are on a web browser, select ‘Cancellations’ and fill out all the fields. 

It’s important to note that you will be able to cancel within 14 days of ordering your DVD or Blu-ray through the Sky Store. If you try to request a refund past 14 days of purchase, you will be rejected. 

Are any movies free on the Sky Store? 

Unlike some movie rental stores, the Sky Store does not have any movies available for free unfortunately.

However, if you are a Sky VIP you can claim your welcome gift via the Sky Store, which is a way of Sky saying thank you for your loyalty. To claim this, head on over to the Sky Store, log in with your account that’s Sky VIP and you’ll be able to choose which movie you’d like to buy and keep up to the value of £11.99. 

How do I access the Sky Store? 

The Sky Store can be accessed in a number of ways. You can download the app for your smart stick, phone or tablet and log in using your account details. The smart sticks that you can download the Sky Store app on include the NOW TV box, the ROKU Stick and YouView device, along with iOS and Android for mobile devices. 

You’ll obviously be able to access the store on your Sky box, and via the Sky Store web browser on your PC or Mac device. 

Can you search for films on the Sky Store?

Yes, you can search for films on the Sky Store. There is a search bar that’ll allow you to type in film titles, directors or actors' names to filter out your favourite films quickly and efficiently. 

Can I watch Sky Store movies on my iPad? 

You can watch Sky Store movies on your iPad, and on any other iOS device that’s compatible with the Sky Store app. You can also watch Sky Store movies via the app on Android mobile devices, too. 

Can you watch Sky Store movies on NOW TV? 

You cannot watch Sky Store movies on the NOW TV app as there is no section to buy or rent movies. NOW TV is purely an on-demand and catch-up streaming service.  

However, you can download the Sky Store app on the NOW TV Smart Stick and watch your Sky Store movies that way, as we have mentioned above. 

Can you get Sky Store with Virgin Media TV? 

While you can get Sky Cinema and other Sky channels and catch-up/on-demand services on Virgin Media, you cannot access the Sky Store via Virgin. If Virgin allowed that, they’d essentially be selling products and services from one of their competitors! Instead you can access the Virgin Media store, where you can buy and rent movies in a similar way. 

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