What is Virgin TV Go and how does it work?

Your Virgin TV Go FAQs answered. 

What is Virgin TV Go?

You could probably have a good guess as to what Virgin TV Go is - it’s Virgin’s version of Sky’s Sky Go, an app that lets you watch both live and On Demand TV programmes from your mobile phone or tablet. 

Whether you have a WiFi connection or connection to a mobile network such as 3G or 4G, you’ll be able to watch your Virgin content outside of the house, or in another room on your desired device. 

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What do I need to use Virgin TV Go?

In order to operate the Virgin TV Go app, you’ll need a valid Virgin Media TV subscription. If you already have one, just download the Virgin Go app on one of your mobile or tablet devices and log in with your Virgin credentials. From here, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you’ll be able to start watching your Virgin TV content. 

How can I download Virgin TV Go?

How can I download Virgin TV Go?

Virgin TV Go exists as any other app would, and you can go onto your device’s app store (such as the Apple Store or Google Play), search for it and download it to start watching your content. 

What channels are available with Virgin TV Go?

What channels you’ll be able to watch on your Virgin TV Go app completely depends on the kind of package you have with Virgin TV. 

With the Virgin Go app, you can navigate to the On Demand section and stream your Virgin TV exclusives, including various Box Sets, along with catching up on your favourite television programmes you might have missed earlier in the week.  

Can I watch Sky Sports on Virgin TV Go?

If you pay for Sky Sports content through Virgin TV, you won’t be able to access it via Virgin TV Go, but you will be able to access it via the Sky app. 

To do this just download the Sky Sports app, choose a channel to watch and select Sign In With Virgin Media TV. Enter your Virgin Media login details and away you go!

If you want to watch Sky via your Virgin login on an internet browser, go to www.skysports.com and select the Virgin TV logo. Sign in using your Virgin account, choose a channel to watch and then a programme, and then download the Sky Sports Player when prompted. 

Can I watch BT Sport on Virgin TV Go?

Yes, the BT Sport channels will appear on your TV Guide on the Virgin TV Go app, so you’ll be able to watch the sport you want to watch from BT without downloading any other apps. 

Can I download programmes with Virgin TV Go?

Like a lot of On Demand and catch-up services, Virgin TV Go allows you to download various programmes and films for you to watch at a later date - perfect for when you’re travelling or commuting with no WiFi or limited mobile network connection. 

How do I get Virgin TV Go?

Virgin TV Go will be accessible with your Virgin TV login. So as long as you are a Virgin TV subscriber you will be able to log in to the Virgin TV Go app and start watching all the content you are subscribed to.

You can get Virgin TV Go on your mobile phone and your tablet device. 

Can you watch live TV on Virgin TV Go?

Yes, provided you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to watch live television via the TV guide as though you were at home in your living room. 

How many devices can I use with Virgin TV Go?

How many devices can I use with Virgin TV Go?

With one Virgin TV account you’ll be able to register Virgin TV Go on up to five different devices, but you’ll only be able to watch on 2 devices at any one time. 

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How do I register devices with Virgin TV Go?

If you’re having issues registering your device with Virgin TV Go, try following the steps below: 

  1. Select Register.
  2. Enter your Virgin Media email address. 
  3. Find the confirmation email Virgin will send you in your inbox. 
  4. Type in the verification code.
  5. Set a security question when prompted.
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