What's on NOW TV Sky Cinema | October 2018

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 15th Oct 2018 Features

Check out the best of what's available on NOW TV Sky Cinema this month.

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

NOW TV’s Sky Cinema Pass allows you to watch every film featured on Sky Cinema completely on-demand and contract-free. Sky Cinema features a new premier every single day, meaning that there’s always something to enjoy. NOW TV also allows you to watch Sky Cinema channels live, so you can tune in even if you can’t decide what to watch right now. With such a huge library of hit movies available, it can be tough to decide what to check out first. Here’s our pick of the best of what’s available this month.

Black Panther (Now)

2018’s first offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther, is now available to stream on NOW TV Sky Cinema. Chadwick Boseman stars as T’Challa, the heir to the throne of advanced African nation Wakanda. When his nation comes under threat from crazed arms dealers who want to take Wakanda’s resources, T’Challa must become the Black Panther to defeat them.

This intense and entertaining superhero film is one of Marvel’s best, offering superb performances from Boseman and Michael B. Jordan and deeper themes than you’ll find in most superhero outings. Watch it now to fully catch up with Marvel in time for Avengers: Infinity War, which will be heading to NOW TV Sky Cinema soon.

Downsizing (Now)

Starring Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig, Downsizing is a charming if slightly dark drama that sees a man shrunk in order to live inside a gated community called Leisureland. Once he gets there, however, he realises that the place is not as utopian as it seems. 

Downsizing is a unique and interesting drama with a premise that may seem strange at first but is odd enough to follow throughout the film. Damon is a likeable presence as always and the comic elements keep it from getting too bleak. Check it out now.

All The Money In The World (Now)

Telling the real story of John Paul Getter III, All The Money In The World stars Mark Wahlberg and Christopher Glover is a tense thriller from Ridley Scott. When his grandson is kidnapped in Rome, billionaire John Paul Getty refuses to pay the ransom, fearing a scam. It’s up to Mark Wahlberg to race against time to convince him to pay up before the boy is killed. 

All The Money In The World was mired in controversy thanks to Kevin Spacey, but the final film was saved by a great performance from Glover. Despite it being a story most people are familiar with, this version is directed and acted well enough to get you interested once again. 

Coco (October 20th)

This latest effort from Pixar Studios follows 12-year-old Miguel as he crosses over to the Land of the Dead to follow his dream of being a musician after he’s banned from playing the guitar by his family. 

Coco has Pixar’s trademark stunning animation and visuals alongside a story that is both heartwarming and touching. The film is full of colour and humour and has Pixar’s standard effect of being entertaining for both children and adults without the need for jokes kids won’t understand.

The cast of Disney Pixar's Coco.

What is NOW TV?

NOW TV is a streaming service offered by Sky that allows you to watch content on-demand and contract-free. NOW TV offers a number of different ‘Passes’ that allow you to watch different content. The Sky Cinema pass gives you access to movies that are shown on all Sky Cinema channels.

How much is the Sky Cinema Pass?

The Sky Cinema Pass is £9.99 per month. Users can cancel this at any time and re-subscribe whenever they want. 

How do I get it?

Simply go to NOW TV, sign up for the Sky Cinema Pass and you’ll be granted access to all the movies that Sky Cinema currently offers both live and on-demand. 

What’s available on Sky Cinema Pass?

Sky Cinema Pass allows you to watch all the movies available on Sky Cinema, both on-demand and live. You’ll be able to tune into all Sky Cinema channels as they are broadcast, including Action, Disney, Comedy, Family, Thriller and Sci-Fi. You can also enjoy temporary channels whilst they are available. No matter what’s broadcast on Sky Cinema, you’ll be able to watch it on NOW TV.

What can I watch NOW TV on?

NOW TV supports a large number of devices for you to watch content on. Users can register up to 4 devices at once so you have plenty of options when watching. This includes desktop and laptop computers, Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, games consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and streaming devices like the Roku stick. 

How often do new films appear?

Users can enjoy a new premiere every single day, meaning there’s always something new to watch.