What's on NOW TV Entertainment | November 2018

By Charlotte Whyatt - Thu 8th Nov 2018 Features

Check out our top picks from NOW TV's excellent Entertainment selection.

Jim Carrey Kidding NOW TV Entertainment

Kidding season 1

Weeds writer Dave Holstein’s incredibly poignant comedy-drama Kidding is the first time that Hollywood A-lister Jim Carrey has returned to TV in over a decade for a haunted, compelling role that’s completely in line with the fantastic dramatic work he’s become known for. 

He plays beloved children’s TV entertainer Mr Pickles who’s slowly starting to unravel after being forced to keep up his normally kindly, cheerful ways in the wake of his teenage son Phil’s (Cole Allen) sudden death in a car accident and break-up from wife Jill (Judy Greer). 

Carrey is of course fantastic, especially in the episodes directed by Michel Gondry who also helmed the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and although it’s quite different to the slapstick that made him famous, there’s still quite a bit of dark humor to be had. 

My Brilliant Friend

HBO’s first-ever foreign-language series, ahead of Fred Armisen’s Spanish comedy series Los Espookys and an Israeli drama from The Affair co-creator Hagai Levi, makes its way to NOW TV this month and is perfect for anyone looking to binge on something a little different. 

Upon learning that her lifelong best-friend Lila has mysteriously disappeared, 60-year-old Elena (Elisabetta De Palo) immediately decides to sit down and write the long, colorful story of their intertwining lives beginning with their hazy childhood in 1950s Naples.  

Both of the young child actresses are fantastic and the cinematography is absolutely stunning, with clever camera work and long sweeping shots being used to great effect in rendering the beautifully sunny yet tough neighbourhood in perfect detail. 

Das Boot 

The second foreign-language TV series on this list, Das Boot is a glossy remake of Wolfgang Peterson’s classic 1981 war film of the same name about a German U-Boat crew during the Battle of the Atlantic spread out over eight one-hour episodes. 

Filmed in German, English and French, it’s set to add in material from original author  Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s 1995 sequel and create two additional plotlines detailing the experiences of a group of brave French Resistance fighters and similarly disillusioned Allied forces. 

Important themes like the fruitless nature of war and the sense of isolation often felt by soldiers are set to be sensitvely explored while the large cast includes a mix of talented German actors and familiar faces like James D’Arcy, Lizzy Caplan and Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser. 

Blindspot season 4

Blindspot has managed to establish itself as a high-quality slice of escapist crime drama over the course of its last three seasons with a mix of exciting action and gripping plot twists. Happily, this upcoming fourth seasons looks to be offering much of the same. 

Remi (Jaimie Alexander), skilled soldier and member of the former domestic terrorist group Sandstorm, decides to keep pretending she’s still amnesiac FBI consultant Jane so she can carry out her original mission, kill those agents responsible for taking out her fellow Sandstorm operatives.  

As is often the case with these kinds of  22-episode procedurals, the script is sometimes a little cheesy and clichéd but the impressive efforts of the strong cast, especially Alexander who makes for a very appealing lead, keeps it all incredibly watchable. 

Broad City seasons 1-4

Ahead of the premiere of its fifth and final season sometime in early 2019, catch-up on the rest of Ilana Glazer’s and Abbi Jacobson’s weird and fantastically funny sitcom about two twenty-something slackers living in New York City. 

Broad City’s tired sounding premise is revitalized by the brilliantly surreal plotlines which puts it more in line with Donald Glover’s Atlanta than other glamorous New York based-shows like Sex and The City, and the sweet, very natural-feeling friendship which exists between the two very likeable leads.  

The quirky supporting cast are equally great, especially hilarious comedian Hannibal Buress as Ilana’s on/off boyfriend and perpetually relaxed dentist Lincoln and John Gemberling as the lazy, video-game obsessed boyfriend of Abbi’s unseen roommate Melody. 

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