Apple price hike set for major services

A slight damper on their showcase next week…

Apple’s monthly prices for three of its major services are said to be going up, according to their own website.

Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ have been given new monthly pricing, with an increase £2 - £3 for each.

Apple TV+, which before was £6.99 per month, has now gone up to £8.99 - an increase of £2. The same goes for Apple Arcade, which previously was £4.99 p/m and is now listed at £6.99 p/m.

Finally, Apple News+ has since the biggest rise, going up from £9.99 p/m to £12.99 p/m.

Apple has not officially announced the pricing change, but considering this was first noted this morning and they remain the same, it doesn’t seem like one will be coming and that the new pricings are here to stay.

The Apple One bundles have also risen in price. Apple One bundles combine a number of services together to save you money and are available on an Individual plan (four services included), Family plan (can be shared with up to five people) and Premier plan (shared with up to five people, six services included). The pricings are:

  • Individual – £18.95 p/m (previously £16.99 p/m)
  • Family – £24.95 p/m (previously £22.95 p/m)
  • Premier – £36.95 p/m (previously £32.95)

These new prices across all services represent the largest price increase for Apple’s services. In particular, since the launch of Apple TV+ in November 2019, the cost per month for the service has doubled. It was only last October they increased it from £4.99 to £6.99.

Apple Music also saw a rise in its monthly price last October, going from £9.99 to £10.99 which made it more expensive than its rival Spotify. Thankfully, it was not included in the increase this time around.

On Monday, Apple announced the ‘Scary Fast’ event, a surprise announcement which has been given virtually no details aside from the date and time (30th October at 5pm local time, 12am UK time).

However, it is expected to be a Mac event as the announcement on their website uses the ‘Finder’ icon which is exclusive to the Mac operating system.

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