UK streaming subscriptions top £5.5 billion

Viewers are using an average of three different streaming services. 

Our own research has discovered that in the UK, people are spending £5.5 billion a year on TV streaming subscriptions, with an average of three different services being used per viewer.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix comes in as the most popular with 27 million people watching it, with Amazon Prime second and BBC iPlayer third. 

Almost 15 million viewers are using at least one on-demand service every day, with the hours spent watching TV on demand higher than the time spent watching terrestrial TV channels, such as BBC, ITV and Sky channels. 

Value for money was the most important consideration for subscribers (45%) closely followed by the amount of content available on the platform (30%). 

TV subscription service which offers the best value for money

Streaming subscription Typical cost / month Hours used / month Value(pence/hour watched)
BritBox £5.99 18.20 £0.33
Amazon Prime Video £5.99 17.77 £0.34
Netflix £9.99 26.87 £0.37
AppleTV+ £4.99 12.57 £0.40
NowTV £9.99 20.37 £0.49
Disney+ £7.99 16.03 £0.50

Hollie Croft, streaming expert at Digital TV, says: “Streaming and on-demand TV has changed the way we watch our favourite shows and movies, with millions of us using a service every single day."

“With so much choice now available, people are having to subscribe to multiple services to keep up to date with their favourite shows and movies, even if they aren’t using their subscription."

“The good news is that all of these services offer monthly rolling contracts, which allow you to turn off and on your subscription without penalty, whenever you wish. So, if you find you are no longer using a particular service, you can switch it off, until you decide to watch it again.”

Source: Comp Tech

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