Coming soon on Sky Atlantic

What are the best new and returning shows coming soon to Sky Atlantic?

I’ll Be Gone in The Dark 

A true crime docuseries with a twist, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is as much about late writer Michelle McNamara’s obsessive investigation into the The Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo who committed at least 13 murders in California between 1973 and 1986, as it is about the case itself.

It’s a touching, compelling tribute to McNamara exploring both her admirable dedication to the case and the great work she did with giving his victims a voice, as well as the much darker impact immersing yourself in something like this can have psychologically.

All episodes available to stream from 30th August.

The Third Day

This brilliantly creepy-looking psychological thriller, which has echoes of the 1970s horror classic The Wickerman and Ari Aster’s recent hit Midsommar, is set on a mysterious island off the British coast where the seemingly idyllic community is clearly hiding a sinister secret. 

The Third Day is split into two halves with its first, Summer, following a man (Jude Law) who journeys to the island looking to overcome some tragedy. The second, Winter, revolves around a woman (Naomi Harris) who later travels to the island looking to make a fresh start with her family.

The Third Day premieres on 15th September.

The Undoing

Based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s best-selling novel You Should Have Known, The Undoing reunites the always excellent Nicole Kidman and Big Little Lies creator David E. Kelley for what is hopefully another dark, fantastically gripping murder mystery.

Kidman stars as Grace, a wealthy, successful psychiatrist in New York City whose seemingly perfect life with her oncologist husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) comes abruptly crashing down when she discovers that he could be involved in the brutal murder of a young woman.

The Undoing premieres on 26th October.

Brave New World

Reviews from the US, where it’s already available to stream, range from fairly middling to positive but this sleek adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s sci-fi classic still seems like it’ll be worth checking out for its hugely intriguing premise, sharp satire and great performances.

Set in New London, the peace in this class-based society is kept with a drug called soma which blocks out any negative feelings. After getting caught up in a rebellion, Benard (Harry Lloyd) and Lenina (Jessica Brown Findlay) start questioning whether they still want this seemingly blissful existence.

Brave New World premieres sometime in October 2020

Riviera season 3

No air date has been confirmed, but Sky’s ultra glossy crime-drama is expected to return sometime in the later half of this year. This third season will pick up a year after the second’s fiery finale leaving the beautifully sunny but deadly French Riviera for exotic locations like Argentina and Venice.

Specific plot details are being kept under wraps but there’s sure to be plenty more enjoyably soapy drama as art curator Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles) enjoys her new life as Georgina Ryland, a rising star in the world of art restitution with a charismatic new ally Gabriel (Rupert Graves).

Riviera season 3 will premiere sometime in mid to late 2020.

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