Coming soon on Sky Atlantic

What are the best new and returning shows coming soon to Sky Atlantic?

The Deuce season 2

This month will see the return of David Simon's gritty and fantastically well-acted character-driven exploration of the sex industry in 1970s New York City, which cinematographer Pepe Avila del Pino is able to capture in all its beautifully vibrant and seedy glory.

Although the major focus is now on former prostitute Candy/Eileen (a brilliant Maggie Gyllenhaal) who's now an established director of pornography, season two will continue to competently juggle several different storylines so that everything is kept flowing along in an incredibly interesting way.

There's bar owner Vincent (James Franco) who's trying to run his ever-growing mob-backed empire while keeping an eye on addict brother Frankie (also Franco), his girlfriend Abby's (Margarita Levieva) involvement in the feminist movement and all of the drama between those who populate Times Square at night.

Kidding season 1

Jim Carrey is the latest major Hollywood star to grace the small screen in Dave Holstein's wonderfully weird, poignant and pleasantly sensitive examination of grief which is also due to arrive on Sky Atlantic later this month.

Some of the eight episodes will be directed by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind's Mike Gondry and Carrey looks to be playing the same kind of compelling, magnetic character here as he did there, a beloved children's entertainer who despite being desperately sad over the death of his teenage son still retains a hint of the manic energy he's famous for.

There's definitely still quite a bit of humour to be found in such a dark sounding series, although it's very different to Carrey's usual slapstick, and he's backed up by a really strong supporting cast which includes Judy Greer, Catherine Keener and Frank Langella.


Lena Dunham and Jenji Kohan's first collaboration since Girls will, somewhat bizarrely, be a remake of Julia Davis's brilliantly bleak comedy Camping for US audiences starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant and Juliette Lewis.

The trailer seems to suggest it's taking on a slightly different tone to the original and adopting the kind of cringe comedy that the pair previously perfected in Girls's group of self-centred, narcissistic New Yorkers which might be a shame for Davis fans but it's always nice to see a remake that's not just a copy.

Garner has previously proven she's got great comedic skills and Tennent is a fantastic dramatic actor so it'll be very interesting to see what he can do with such a different role. Catch it sometime in October.

Get Shorty season 2

One of the most underrated delights of last year was Davey Holmes's slick, gloriously violent and very funny crime comedy Get Shorty which sits alongside Noah Hawley's Fargo as one of the best film to TV adaptations of recent years.

Although it never felt like too much of a drag, season 2 looks to be swapping most of mob enforcer Miles's (Chris O'Dowd) family drama for more of his colourful and satirical Hollywood adventures with sleazy director Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano) as he continues to launder money for crime boss Amara (Lidia Porter).

The unexpectedly great pairing of O'Dowd and Romano is one of the major reasons why the series works as well as it does, with them both display fantastic comedic timing and warm easy chemistry. See it premiere sometime in October.

Ray Donovan season 6

After six long years of intense family drama, dangerous mob dealings and fixing all kinds of embarrassing problems for Hollywood's elite, November will usher in the final season of the excellent Ray Donovan

Having been saved from his suicidal plunge into the East River by NYPD detective Mac (Domenick Lombardozzi), Ray (Liev Schreiber) again finds himself working for shady media mogul Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon) who asks him to protect her mayoral candidate Anita Novak (Lola Glaudini).

Along with the superb Schreiber, most of the stellar supporting cast are also set to return including both Jon Voight and Eddie Marsden as his lowlife father Mickey and Parkinson's suffering boxer brother Terry who're both truly fantastic in their roles.


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