See Game of Thrones and more with NOW TV

NOW TV is a streaming service that lets you pick and choose what kind of subscription you want; whether it be Movies, Entertainment or Sport.

NOW TV is run by Sky and allows you to watch the must-see TV shows and movies, such as the essential Game of Thrones, Mad Men and True Detective. Sports fans can also catch Sky Sports with weekly and daily passes.

How does it work?

NOW TV works just like any other streaming service, but with one big twist. With services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, you pay one monthly subscription fee and can watch whatever the service provides. This means that if you're more interested in the TV on offer than the films, you could be paying for things you never watch.

NOW TV is different, as it splits film, TV and sport into three separate bundles. This means that you only pay for the service you're interested in. If you're looking to catch the latest TV, you can choose an Entertainment bundle. For the latest from Sky Movies, pick the Movies package. This allows you to catch up on recent programming as well as dive into some box sets of the world's best TV.

The world's biggest show

Game of Thrones' fifth season is in full swing, and NOW TV is the only UK streaming service which lets you catch up on the action. HBO's fantasy epic has audiences all over the world hooked with its blend of brutal medieval violence and political intrigue, with the fifth season taking the show to new levels. NOW TV is the only place you can catch it without a Sky subscription, making it a vital service for those engrossed in the land of Westeros.

Sky without Sky

As well as Game of Thrones, NOW TV lets you watch programmes exclusive to Sky channels - without having to subscribe to a full Sky TV package. This means that anything you want to watch from channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Sky 1 and Sky Living will be available through your NOW TV subscription.

Unlike a regular Sky package, NOW TV also requires no commitment, allowing you to pay for one month at a time. Fancy catching a three-part drama exclusive to Sky Living but don't want to commit to a full Sky subscription? NOW TV lets you buy a month subscription which you can then choose to renew at the end of the month. Stay or go, its up to you.

Never miss an important match

Films and TV aren't the only thing NOW TV has to offer, with sports also being a big part of the service. NOW TV offers both day and week passes, allowing you to only watch the events you're interested in. These passes are perfect for when your football team is playing a rare televised match, or if there's an important, week-long sporting event, such as The Masters. Customers can choose from all Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports F1.


With a NOW TV Box, you can turn your regular TV into a smart TV instantly. A one off payment gives you access to not only NOW TV, but services such as 4OD, ITV Player and Netflix. A NOW TV box allows you to scrap the subscriptions of normal cable boxes and just watch the channels you're interested in. It's perfect for those without a cable subscription or games console, allowing you to access not just on-demand services from your favourite channels, but online features such as YouTube, Spotify and BBC Sport.

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