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Need a Sky contact number? You're in the right place.

Call the dedicated Sky team on 0330 165 6733

Our Sky contact number guide

We've been helping people find out more about Sky for a long time, and we thought it would be helpful to put together a detailed list of Sky phone numbers. We're covering everything here so that you can find an easy way to speak to a human about Sky.

We’ve included every Sky contact number you’ll ever need in this guide. This includes Digital TV's range of Sky contact number which will put you through to a dedicated, friendly and experienced Sky team.

Speak to Sky experts

Just so you know, we have given you our call centre contact details should you be interested in joining Sky as a new customer or upgrading. This is actually helpful for Sky and Sky customers because it means we can handle a lot of calls, and we're trained to do so.

For any Sky customer service queries, we have searched for the most ideal Sky phone numbers to make it as easy as possible for you to reach them. At the time of writing, these numbers are correct and hopefully you'll be able to find everything you need here.

Sky contact number quicklist

Here are our top Sky numbers for easy reference:

  • Sky customer services - billing and technical: 0333 7591 310
  • Get Sky TV/Broadband or upgrade: 0330 1656 733
  • Sky Mobile prices and plans: 0330 123 1785
  • Sky customer services freephone: 0800 151 2747
  • Sky customer service shortcut: Dial 150 from Sky Mobile or Sky landline

Sky contact number for Sky TV

If you need a Sky TV contact number then you can call 0330 1656 733. When you call that number you'll get through to a Sky team which handles new and upgrade queries for Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Mobile. You should hear a brief automated message, followed by a few options which should get you through to the right place.

This is a great Sky number to use if you want to talk to someone about the service and beat the usual Sky contact centre queues. The team are expertly trained in Sky subscriptions and they're friendly over the phone, which always helps!

Call 0330 165 6733 to join Sky or upgrade.

As previously stated, when you call you'll be given clear, concise options for new Sky customers, existing Sky customers looking to upgrade, Sky Mobile customers and Sky customer services.

Although there are a number of different ways online to get Sky TV and compare Sky packages, Digital TV are a little different because we can help you over the phone and get you set up. We actually work with Sky, so you can be confident that you're getting the right information, accurate pricing and expert knowledge on the products.

If you are thinking about getting Sky, then simply press 1 when you call. This will then give you the options for new customers, including Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Broadband. 

Sky contact number for Sky Broadband

For a Sky Broadband contact number, you can use 0330 1656 733. This Sky contact number is for both existing Sky customers and for new customers looking to join Sky with one of their broadband deals. You'll speak to friendly and informed agents who have all the information you'll need to make a decision about your new broadband or fibre purchase. You can also look at Sky Broadband deals on our comparison page, if you're just browsing the latest offers or you prefer to do things online.

Call 0330 1656 733 for Sky Broadband.

Sky contact number for Sky Mobile

If you need a Sky Mobile contact number then call 0330 123 1785. This gets you through to a Sky Mobile team trained to help customers get a new Sky Mobile plan, and that can be a contract with a new phone or a SIM only deal. They can also help you add a phone to an existing Sky Mobile account.

When you phone, press 3 for our Sky Mobile team, and then select from the following 6 options in order to get you through to the right person. Please be aware that the team cannot help with network issues, locked accounts, SIM activation (where you already have your new SIM) or delivery of your new phone. Other than that, they'll be happy to chat to you and help in whatever way they can.  

When you call for a new Sky Mobile deal, our experts will help you go through the various offers on new smartphones and monthly plans, as well as any offers on Sky Mobile SIMs. You'll be given information about prices, inclusive minutes, data options, contract lengths and any additional customer benefits.

You can also choose to do everything online and direct by looking at our Sky Mobile deals page. However, the experts are available should you specifically want to speak to someone about Sky Mobile plans currently on the market.

Call 0330 123 1785 for Sky Mobile.

Sky contact number for Sky Glass

If you’re interested in getting Sky Glass or upgrading to it, you can call 0330 1656 733.

The team are experts in all things Sky and can help you get set up with Sky Glass, or simply answer some questions you might have about getting it.

If you’ve heard about Sky Glass but want to know more then check out our What is Sky Glass? guide. Here are some key features in case you're interested:

  • Sky Glass comes in three sizes, 43 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch. The cost per month for each TV is £14, £20, and £25, or a one-off purchase of £699, £949 and £1199 respectively.*
  • Sky Glass is installed for you and all you need to do is pair it with your broadband to start watching. 
  • Dolby Atmos, the state-of-the-art audio system, is included within the TV itself. All your Sky content can also be accessed via the TV, so there’s no need for a Sky box.

*Subject to status and individual circumstance. Representative example: Total payment for 43" Sky Glass - £672; Upfront payment - £10
Total credit - £672; Length of agreement - 48 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%
Additional subscriptions are charged separately to the Sky Glass credit agreement.

Sky contact number for Sky Stream

If you'd like to talk about Sky Stream then call 0330 1656 733. You'll be put through to a Sky Stream expert who can help you with any queries you might have about joining Sky Stream. They have all the latest information on deals and prices, and are also there if you just want to find out a little bit more about the service.

Illustration with Sky Stream box and a smiling person making a phone call. The illustration includes text which says 'Talk about Sky Stream: 0330 1656 733'.

With the new Sky Stream puck you still have access to all the great content Sky has to offer. It's small, simple and only uses an HDMI lead and WiFi connection - there's no need for a satellite dish! 

You can join Sky by purchasing a Sky Stream subscription, and you can also switch to Sky Stream if you're already a Sky customer. Either way, the Sky Stream contact number we have provided will get you to where you need to be.

For more information read our guide, Sky Stream cost & packages | Everything you need to know.

Sky contact number for new customers

You can find out more about Sky and join as a new customer by phoning 0330 1656 733. If you don't already have Sky, simply select option 1 and then choose whether you're interested in Sky Glass, Sky Stream or Sky TV and Broadband. The options have been streamlined to ensure you get through to the right Sky expert as quickly as possible.

As a new customer, you may be able to get special deals or offers. These change all the time so just let the agent know what you're looking for and they'll do what they can to find you the best price. They are there to help, so should you just have a few questions and you're only browsing, they will be more than happy to help.

Sky contact number for Sky Sports

If you're interested in getting Sky Sports then you can call 0330 1656 733. You have a number of options with Sky Sports, including the full Sky Sports package including Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports F1. Alternatively, you can opt for individual Sky Sports channels, and some customers prefer this because you're getting only the sport you love.

Illustration of a football, basketball and phone showing the Sky contact number to get Sky Sports: 0330 1656 733

At the same time, it usually works out as very little extra to get the complete Sky Sports package, so there's arguably more value for money there. If you call the number above you'll be able to talk it through with one of our Sky experts, and they'll give you the latest prices and explain more about how it works.

That number is only for those looking to get Sky Sports as a new customer or upgrade as an existing customer. The agents will also be able to help with general queries about Sky Sports, but they won't be able to downgrade a current Sky subscription.

Should you want to find out more online about Sky Sports then please visit our Sky Sports page.

Sky contact number for Sky Cinema

You can talk to someone about getting Sky Cinema by calling 0330 1656 733. This number works for both new and existing customers looking to include Sky Cinema with their subscription.

When you call that number your Sky expert will guide you through the options available, but Sky Cinema is pretty simple anyway. You won’t get a load of tiers or anything, and Sky Cinema comes with HD as standard. If you’re happy to include Sky Cinema then it can all be handled over the phone with the friendly advisor.

Illustration of popcorn and a projector representing Sky Cinema

Sky Cinema remains a highly competitive option for streaming movies on demand. Its unique quirk, when compared with rivals, is that it has themed movie channels, with films on around the clock. If you fancy a dazzling sci-fi or an action thrill-ride, you can go to the relevant channel and see what’s on. You get a handy prompt to start any film from the beginning, alongside the option to browse Sky’s entire catalogue of films. Sky Cinema also offers a brand-new premiere every week, including Sky Originals and some of the year's biggest releases.

If you want to learn more about Sky Cinema then please visit our Sky Cinema page.

Sky contact number for Sky Business

You can discuss Sky Business Broadband over the phone by calling 0333 043 2394. Call this number and press 1, then press 2. You’ll get through to a team of Sky experts who can help you if you want to get Sky Business Broadband, or simply discuss pricing for the service.

Sky Business Broadband illustration including calculators and suitcases

Sky Business Broadband has become a popular option since Sky opted to expand beyond the residential market. There are some impressive features with the service and it is very good value for money. When you call that number you should be able to talk about the various benefits with a genuine expert, and see whether it's right for you and your business.

How do I speak to a human about Sky?

If you need to speak to a human about Sky then you're in luck. Call 0330 1656 733 and you'll get through to a Sky team able to handle various queries around new subscriptions and upgrades. If you're interested in getting Sky then simply press option 1 when you call. Those looking to upgrade should press option 2, and Sky Mobile customers press option 3.

This is a Sky UK phone number, so those looking to get Sky or upgrade in the UK will be able to do exactly that. You'll also be able to get answers to a number of common queries that people have around Sky because the team has plenty of experience or product knowledge.

Illustration of a robot with a speech bubble saying 'Speak to a human about Sky'

How do I speak to someone at Sky TV?

Those looking for a Sky TV phone number to speak to someone about Sky TV can call 0330 1656 733. If you want Sky TV experts then this team is perfect. They're polite, easy to speak to and offer a great way to get straight through without having to queue for a long time.

It's often difficult finding the right way to contact Sky by phone, and there are loads of different UK Sky phone numbers out there. But this one offers a fast, simple way to call someone about Sky and get a human to help you.

How do I contact Sky by phone?

If you want a fast, easy way to talk about Sky services then call 0330 1656 733, while the shortcut to call customer services from your Sky Mobile or landline is dialling 150.

Helpful hint: If you want to get Sky or upgrade then beat the queues and call 0330 1656 733. Press 1 for new customers, or press 2 for existing customers.

Can I get Sky over the phone?

Yes, it’s extremely easy! Call 0330 1656 733 and you’ll speak to a human Sky-trained advisor who can take you through the offers and set up any orders for you.

Helpful hint: If you phone a Sky expert you can sometimes find yourself getting a deal that's not available online. It's well worth having a chat!

Are Sky deals better if I phone Sky?

That's a very common question. Most people know about retention deals, where a customer says they will cancel and they get a special offer to encourage them to stay. Others will phone Sky as a new customer and simply say they have heard about a deal that's better than the online price. The fact is that it really just depends on the timing.

You might phone up Sky and say you've seen an amazing price, and the agent genuinely can't match it. There may be a limited number of times a certain deal can be offered, or the rotation of deals has changed and the one you've seen is just not available anymore.

The prices we show at Digital TV are correct to the best of our knowledge, but if you want to speak to someone about any new offers for Sky TV then call 0330 1656 733. These agents will have the very latest deals on Sky and it's a great way to get 100% live information. You will find that website prices often need to be updated by a team, so there's a chance you might get a brand-new price when you phone to talk about Sky instead.

Illustration of a phone and a price tag

Sky phone number for existing customers

If you're an existing Sky customer and you're looking to upgrade your Sky package then you can talk to Sky experts on 0330 1656 733. The agents are able to help you with Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Glass and Sky Stream upgrades, and will be ready with the best prices.

Please note that this team is only able to assist with upgrades and new sales. They can handle the whole ordering process for you over the phone, but you will need to contact Sky directly if you require customer service queries such as technical problems or engineer visits.

Included in this guide are some useful Sky customer service numbers, such as Sky technical help and the Sky freephone number, so you should be able to get in touch easily if you have a query other than Sky new customer sales or Sky upgrades.

How do I speak to a person about Sky?

You can speak to a person about Sky by phoning 0330 1656 733. You'll chat with Sky experts who can help both new and existing customers interested in Sky's latest deals. The lines are open from 8am-10pm, and that's 7 days a week. The agents are very friendly - we've checked! - so give them a call and they'll do what they can to assist.

Sky Stream box with text that says 'Call the Sky experts on 0330 165 6733'

Are Sky contact numbers free?

Whether or not a number is free depends on the type of number you are calling. 

0800 numbers are free from landlines, and as of July 2015 they are free from mobiles as well. 0870 numbers are charged, and it can vary depending on whether you call from a landline or mobile. 0333 and 0344 numbers are charged at your normal rate, so it's the same as calling a normal home or business line.

It's also worth highlighting that the cost of a number is irrelevant if it falls within your inclusive minutes. You don't need to worry about whether it's an 0800, 0870, 0333 or another variation, if your phone contract covers them as part of your allowance.

Your best bet is to check your phone contract, and check with your provider, which dialling codes are included. If you've got those free minutes then you might as well use them!

How do I speak to a Sky agent?

You can speak to an agent about Sky by calling 0330 1656 733. This Sky number is ideal if you're looking for a new Sky TV or Sky Mobile deal, or if you want to see about improving an existing Sky package. It can also point you in the right direction if you need customer services.

You'll speak to our team and get accurate, up-to-date information on Sky prices and packages. We work hard to keep queues to a minimum as well so hopefully you'll zip through and speak to someone quickly and easily.

How do I speak to someone about Sky Mobile?

Call 0330 123 1785 to talk about Sky Mobile plans, upgrades and SIMs, or 0333 759 1310 if it’s simply a Sky Mobile customer service or technical query.

Sky contact number FAQs

What is Sky's customer service number?

Sky customer service number

There are a number of Sky departments, but you can usually find what you need by calling 0330 1656 733. If you specifically have a technical or engineer query then call 0333 7591 310.

The 0330 Sky contact number is available between 8am and 10pm every day of the week, and that includes weekends. The 0333 number is available between 8.30am and 9pm in the week, and 9am - 9pm at the weekend. You can also call 150 from your mobile or landline, but this only works if you have Sky Mobile or Sky Talk and ring using those services. 

There are several direct numbers which should save you time and get you to the right person. For example, you can get in touch with a Sky TV sales team representative on 0330 165 6733 or a Sky Mobile agent on 0330 123 1785 and these numbers are available from 8am-10pm.

What is the best Sky contact number?

The best Sky contact number is 0330 1656 733 for new sales and upgrades or 0333 7591 310 for customer services. The 0330 number has quick options and gets you through to a Sky expert quickly. The 0333 number has more options to deal with but it is Sky's direct customer service number when you have billing or technical queries.

Helpful hint: Dial 0330 1656 733 then press 1 and then press 2 if you want to get Sky or upgrade - you'll usually skip the queues! Remember that if you have inclusive mobile minutes then 0333 is free. 

What is the best Sky number? - illustration

What is the Sky freephone number?

You will probably want to use the Sky free contact number, with 0800 in the dialling code. It's always advisable to check your inclusive minutes and numbers, no matter whether using your landline or your mobile, but 0800 numbers should be free. The Sky freephone number is 0800 151 2747, and this is a general Sky customer services line, covering various issues like technical queries, signal drop-outs and engineer visits. You should be able to phone this number from a landline or a mobile free of charge, and this has been the case with all 0800 numbers since July 2015.

As with the 0870 number, you can navigate to different departments using this number, which will have an automated system guiding you at first. If you need to speak to someone directly you will be able to do it with this number.

How do I actually call Sky and get through to an advisor?

It's easier than you think. Call 0330 1656 733, press 1 then press 2 and you can talk about Sky TV and broadband. You'll actually get through to speak to someone who can talk you through the services. If it's a normal customer service query then the Sky number is 0333 7591 310.

Can I talk to a real person about Sky Mobile?

Yes! To get through to a human about getting a Sky Mobile contract or SIM Only, call 0330 123 1785 and press 3. To discuss your existing bill or talk about other customer service queries please dial 0333 7591 310. If, however, you simply want to call Sky customer services from your Sky Mobile then dial 150.

Helpful hint: Call 0330 123 1785 followed by option 3, the either option 1 or 2, and usually you'll get straight through. This number is great for the latest Sky Mobile offers on SIMs and new phones.

What makes me a new Sky customer?

You need to genuinely be a new customer, and that means not having Sky in the last 12 months. If you’re hoping cancelling your contract and signing up straight away again will bag you the latest new customer deals, we’re sorry to let you down, but it doesn’t work like that! 

All providers will have their own terms and conditions when it comes to what constitutes as a new customer, and for Sky it’s when you’ve left and haven’t returned to a Sky deal for at least a year. Any time sooner than that and you won’t be able to re-join Sky as a new customer. Your old account will likely need to be reactivated, but don't be disheartened because there are some eye-catching offers for existing customers now anyway. Sky, along with other providers, is perfectly aware that there are plenty of savvy shoppers who will be checking up on offers for new customers against those for existing.

It's also worth noting that TV and broadband providers usually go by address too. This means that cancelling your account under your name and having someone else you live with try and sign up as a new Sky customer unfortunately won’t work either.

What is the Sky bundle upgrade and broadband contact number?

What is the Sky bundle upgrade and broadband contact number

If you want to talk to a Sky expert about TV bundles then you can call 0330 1656 733 (8am-10pm). You can discuss the various Sky TV bundles, and choose to add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and other options. We have a range of pages covering Sky products, such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, if you'd like to read more and see what you get when you upgrade.

What is the Sky downgrade number?

Call 0333 759 3772 to reach the Sky downgrade team. Here you'll be able to take your existing Sky package and change it down to something that better suits your preferences. Quite often customers call to downgrade and actually find themselves with a really good offer to continue with the same subscription or even add something like Sky Cinema. It's always worth asking the question.

Helpful hint: Phoning to downgrade or cancel is a great way to bag yourself a deal. It's called sales retention, and it just means that you get offered something really good in return for staying with a service provider.

What is the Sky technical help number?

If you need technical assistance with Sky, it's worth calling 0333 759 2579.

What is the Sky bereavement contact number?

You can call the Sky bereavement team on 0333 202 0912. This specially trained team handles calls where someone wishes to notify Sky that a customer has passed away.

It’s a smaller team but they are experienced and fully trained on Sky, and will be able to assist with transferring the account to another family member or closing it altogether. They will try to make the process as easy as possible for you, and will let you know if they need any copies of documents.

What is the Sky laptops contact number?

Sky now offers a range of deals on laptops and tablets. You can find out the latest prices and offers by calling 0330 1656 733. The Sky team here will take you through everything you need to know, with options to pay for the product upfront or spread the cost in the same way you would with a smartphone plan. If you already have a laptop from Sky and need some technical assistance or customer services then we recommend you call 0333 759 2579.

Illustration of a laptop and a tablet with both screens displaying the Sky logo

What is the Sky Talk number?

To talk to an agent about Sky Talk, you are best off phoning the Sky customer services number or freephone number which will get you through to the same place. If you'd like to read more about this service then visit our Sky Talk product page for comprehensive information.

How do I phone Sky UK?

If you're a UK resident and interested in talking about getting Sky TV, broadband or Sky Mobile then call 0330 1656 733but if you need customer services then dial 0333 7591 310In both cases, just add +44 if you're trying to call from a country outside of the United Kingdom. All of the phone numbers we have provided in this list are for Sky UK, and do not require the code when you are calling from within the UK.

Illustration of speech bubbles either side of a UK map, above the Sky UK experts phone number 0330 1656 733.

What is the Sky Protect Contact Number?

You can call 0333 759 5105 for Sky Protect Home Insurance claims and 0800 597 8531 for Sky Protect Device Insurance claims.

Further detail on this is provided below, including the relevant insurance providers involved.

Illustration of a house and a padlock

Sky Protect Home Insurance Contact Number

The Sky Protect Home Insurance claim contact number is 0333 759 5105. The insurance is provided through Zurich so your claim will go through them. This is probably the best number to call if you have further queries about how it works as well.

You can also visit to skip speaking to someone and complete your claim online.

Sky Protect Contact Number - Home Emergency

If you have Home Emergency with your Sky Protect policy and need to get in touch then call 0333 759 5106. This is provided by AXA, so you’ll be dealing with them directly.

Sky Protect Contact Number - Family Legal Assistance

The Family Legal Assistance number for Sky Protect policyholders is 0333 759 5107 0333 759 5107. You just must have this included in your policy or it won’t apply. If you’re making a legal cover claim then you’ll be talking to ARC Legal Assistance.

What is the Sky Protect Device Insurance Contact Number?

If you need to make a claim with Sky Protect Device Insurance then call 0800 597 8531. You’ll speak to Domestic & General, as they provide the actual cover, and you can call this number between 8am and 8pm any day of the week.

You can also complete a claim online via However, at the time of writing you cannot use this method if your claim is related to loss or theft. In these case, you will need to phone the 0800 597 8531 number and speak to Domestic & General directly.

Why are there so many Sky contact numbers?

You'll find a few different numbers dotted around the internet but a lot of them head to the same the place - Sky's automated line. If you need to talk about your bill, cancelling or just some kind of technical issue then 0333 7591 310 is as good as anything you'll find. However, 0330 1656 733 is ideal for those looking for Sky deals. It is well-staffed with Sky experts who know all the new and upgrade offers. The wait times are also usually really short.

Where are the Sky call centres?

There are UK Sky call centres in Osterley, Leeds, Livingston, Dunfermline, Sheffield and Uddingston. The Osterley, Leeds and Livingstone sites are also home to Sky central hubs, with teams serving various areas of the business.

These hubs are also located in Brick Lane in London, Brentwood in Essex and Chilworth in Hampshire.

Do I have to speak to Sky to cancel?

You will need to talk to Sky to cancel your subscription. They will want to confirm security details and make sure it's actually you before they remove the service. They may also have a retention deal they want to offer you to tempt you to stay.

If you’re unfamiliar with retention deals, then they are simply strong offers that give you something new for a cheaper price or bring down your overall subscription cost. Customers are increasingly wise to this, and will phone to cancel because they know they’ll get a good offer. It’s a very handy tip!

Can I reduce my Sky bill over the phone?

Yes, if you speak to Sky you can downgrade your service so that it's cheaper. You could also negotiate a cheaper price, depending on what offers Sky has at the time. Sky agents can't simply invent new deals, or take a chunk off your monthly price. However, the Sky systems will allow certain permutations and offers to be applied.

To speak to Sky about reducing your bill, call 0333 7591 310. However, if you'd like to talk about upgrades and offers that get you better value for money, call 0330 1656 733.

Can I ring Sky by dialling 150?

Dialling 150 only works if you have a Sky Talk landline or Sky Mobile and want customer services. It can also be quite tricky to speak to someone. We recommend dialling 0330 1656 733 if you want to get Sky or upgrade. It’s actually one of the fastest ways to get through to a person!

Image offering advice on contacting Sky from Sky Mobile or landline by dialling 150. Also a quick number to call to get Sky or upgrade, which is 0330 1656 733.

Why have I seen other Sky contact numbers that aren't here?

This is just the way it goes with larger businesses that have huge customer bases. There are lots of different ways to get in touch, but also these businesses will have phone systems designed to try and deal with your request. Running call centres is a complex process with lots of rules and regulations, and if your query can be dealt with by an automated system then it makes everything more streamlined.

However, plenty of people still want to talk to Sky and find a Sky phone number, even if their request can be handled by a chatbot or an automated phone line.

We have extensively researched our numbers on here, and also worked with Sky so that all our information is as accurate as possible. We believe that our selection of Sky contact numbers in this guide present the best solution for the each of the queries and types of contact request we have listed.

Why can’t I get through to someone when I phone Sky?

Many businesses set up their automated call systems in order to attempt to handle queries without human intervention. The fact is that call centres and call centre agents come at a healthy cost, and lots of requests can be dealt with through automated responses.

For example, let’s say you want to cancel your subscription with Sky and you want to phone someone to talk about this. If you phone Sky and provide your details to the automated system, then provide details of your query to this system, it can work out whether you’re actually even able to cancel.

There’s no point putting you through to a person who will tell you it costs hundreds of pounds to leave because you’re in a contract, when an automated system can do this instead.

Sky, and countless other businesses, invest in these systems to make things more efficient. It might seem frustrating, but if everyone who called Sky got straight through to an agent, Sky would need half the country working in call centres (okay, not quite half the country but a lot of people - you get the idea).

So, if you’re calling Sky and finding it hard to break free from the automated system, this is why. It’s trying to handle your query before putting you through to someone.

Luckily, if you are looking for a Sky contact number to talk about what's on offer right now then you can simply call 0330 1656 733. It’s a team set up specifically to handle sales enquiries for new and existing Sky customers. Queue times are often minimal, so it’s a great option if this is the nature of your call and you don't want to wait. There is still an initial automated system, but it's super quick - just press 1 then 2 if you're thinking of getting Sky, or 2 then 2 for existing customers looking to upgrade. You can also press 3 then 1 if you want Sky Mobile. Easy!

The full list of Sky contact numbers

This table should contain every Sky contact number you could possibly want, depending on your query. Not only have we included the Sky contact number of each department, but the hours of the day each line is open too. 


Sky serviceContact numberHours
Sky TV, Glass, Stream and broadband sales & upgrades0330 1656 7338am-10pm (every day)
Sky Mobile sales & upgrades0330 123 1785

9am-8pm (weekdays)

10am-6pm (Saturdays)

Sky customer services0333 7591 310

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky New Sales and Upgrades (speak to a human)0330 1656 7338am-10pm (every day)
Sky customer services freephone number0800 151 2747

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Support for TV, Broadband & Talk0344 241 1653

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Bills & Payments

0333 202 2133 (automated)

0344 241 1653 (non-automated)

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Account Management0344 241 1653

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky TV enquiries, UK and Ireland 08442 411 411

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Mobile General Line0333 009 1366

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky downgrades0333 759 3772

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky technical help0333 759 2579

8am-10pm (weekdays) 

8am-9pm (weekends)

Sky Business0333 043 23948am-10pm (every day)

Other ways to contact Sky

Sky’s email address

If you’d rather craft a written note to Sky, find its email address and physical address below. 

If your query isn’t as urgent as needing a contact number, you can email Sky at

Sky’s address 

If you want to write to Sky then you can use the following address:

Sky Subscribers Services Ltd 
PO Box 43
West Lothian 
EH54 7DD

Contacting Sky by phone - top tips

  • If you want to buy Sky or upgrade then beat the queues with 0330 1656 733
  • This gets you through to a human person quickly
  • Press 1 then 1 for Sky Glass
  • Press 1 then 2 for Sky TV and Broadband
  • Press 2 for Sky upgrades, or press 3 then 1 for new Sky Mobile
  • For technical or billing queries call 0333 7591 310
  • The automated voice will ask the reason for your customer care call
  • Just say 'speak to customer services' to get started, then choose the applicable option
  • If you have Sky Mobile or Sky Talk and need customer care then dial 150

Choosing your Sky TV package

Sky has designed its packages so customers can pick and choose what they want. There's the base entertainment pack, and this includes the usual channels you'd expect, as well as Sky Atlantic which features loads of exclusive content.

Then you can tailor your viewing to include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Kids' TV or Box Sets. You can also watch in stunning high definition by adding HD, or get fast home broadband with Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre. The choice is entirely yours!

Call direct for offline deals

Comparing online is fast, easy and a great way to see what's on offer, but it's still a good idea to get in touch by phone and speak to someone who can look at deals for you as you might’ve missed something. 

If you'd like to discuss Sky prices then we recommend using 0330 1656 733. The call centre Sky agents will be able to tell you about the cheapest Sky deals available, and they are expertly trained in how the packages work. You can say exactly what you're interested in and they'll be able to tell you everything you need to know, and get it set up for you if you want to make an order.

Are Sky deals cheaper online or over the phone?

That's a tricky one to answer. It varies a great deal because sometimes you'll find a particular offer is only available through one method. You might phone up and be in luck because there's an offline exclusive, or it could be the other way round and a great price is only online. The best thing to do is take a look at the offers around what you're looking for, check out the prices, and then phone up to see what other prices might be available.

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