Netflix on Virgin Media | How to Stream With Virgin & TiVo

Discover how to enjoy all the great content that Netflix has to offer with your Virgin Media TV package. 

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What Virgin TV package do I need to watch Netflix?

You'll be able to enjoy Netflix with every one of Virgin Media's available TV packages, so Player, Mix, Fun, Full House or VIP, and either the 4K enabled TV V6 or TiVo set top box, so there's no need to rush out and buy any extra kit if you're already a Virgin Media customer.

Do I need to connect my Virgin Media TV box up to the internet to watch Netflix?

Yes, either by using an ethernet cable or your own wi-fi network.

Handily, Virgin's TiVo box runs it own 10Mb connection so you'll never have to worry about hooking it up to your broadband and it won't slow down any of your other internet enabled devices or eat away at your download limit.

Ethernet cable is generally considered to be faster so if possible, you should try and go with that if you're planning on watching a lot of Netflix in 4K or if your internet connection isn't particularly strong. Otherwise, it's really up to you which one you go for.

Make sure you call up to activate your Virgin Media account before you begin setting up your set top box or you could have issues with receiving live content later on.

If you do decide to opt for the ethernet cable, you'll need to plug both the IEC and ethernet cables into the back of your Virgin V6 TV box and then physically run them across the room to your router.

To connect up via wi-fi, select the “other option” line that should appear on-screen when your TV can't pick up an ethernet cable and then choose the name of your network from the list.

How do I watch Netflix with my Virgin TV package?

On your Virgin TV homepage you should select the “Apps and Games” option followed by the “All Apps” option, which will then bring up a tiled display of all that's available for you to enjoy on your TV including BBC News, Virgin Movies, Hayu, YouTube and of course, Netflix.

Is Netflix free on Virgin Media?

No, you'll have to pay for Netflix if you want to enjoy the service.

You can choose between either the Basic account at £5.99 a month which allows you to watch content on just one screen at a time, the Standard package at £7.49 a month which allocates you two screens and the top Premium package at £8.99 a month which give you up to 4 screens.

Package Price Screens
Basic £5.99 1
Standard £7.49 2
Premium £8.99 4

Can I get Netflix in HD and 4K Ultra HD?

The answer depends on what Netflix subscription you've got and which Virgin Media set top box you've got. You'll be able to tell exactly what kind of Netflix content you can enjoy in this format by the grey 4K Ultra HD symbol that will appear alongisde the TV shows title when you select it. 

Both the Standard and Premium Netflix packages offer HD content but only the latter allows you to enjoy content in brilliant 4K Ultra HD.

4K Ultra HD content on Netflix includes Breaking Bad, Marco Polo and the critically acclaimed US political drama House of Cards.

Unfortunately, 4K Ultra HD films and TV shows are only available through Virgin's TV V6 box and not the standard TiVo box.

Your internet speed can also be quite a significant factor in whether or not your TV can support 4K Ultra HD viewing as Netflix state that you'll need a minimum of at least 25Mbps in order for the format to run smoothly on your TV.

Can I watch Netflix on Virgin TV Anywhere?

Unfortunately, you can't enjoy Netflix on Virgin's TV Anywhere service. If you want to watch Netflix away from home you'll need to separately download the Netflix app onto whatever device you're currently using. 

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