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We've compiled a list of numbers for anyone who wants to talk about Virgin Media.

Call our dedicated Virgin Media team on 0330 165 6723

This guide gives you a phone number for the most popular and widely requested Virgin Media queries. We believe all Virgin Media contact numbers to be accurate at the time of writing, and we regularly audit our content in order to improve accuracy.

We have researched each query extensively and tried to find the best possible Virgin phone number in every case. For any queries from potential new customers looking at options for getting Virgin Media, we have provided a phone number which gets you through to our own experts.

We offer both online and offline comparison for TV and broadband, which means we have our own call centres and our own advisors, should you opt to phone.

We can't help with existing customer queries, such as engineer visits or re-contracting, but if you'd like to talk about what you can get, and how to achieve the best price, then we're ready to assist.

Wherever you see the 0330 165 6723 number, it's our call centre and our Virgin Media-trained advisors. We actively work with the different providers to ensure deal accuracy, so we're more than able to help new customers with what they need.

What is the Virgin Media contact number?

What is the Virgin Media contact number?

If you're interested in getting Virgin Media then call 0330 165 6723. The team will take you through the latest and best offers for Virgin Media new customers, and organise putting the deal through too. You can also call 0345 454 1111 if you want to talk about a billing, technical or engineer query as an existing customer. All lines for the 0345 number are open from 8AM to midnight every day of the week and if you call out-of-hours you'll receive an automated message directing you to the help section of Virgin Media's website.

How do I talk to someone about Virgin Media?

To talk to someone about Virgin Media call 0330 165 6723This line is ideal if you'd like to get a new Virgin Media deal on broadband or TV, and the agents have the latest information on prices and packages. If you need to talk about any issues with an existing Virgin Media subscription then call 0345 454 1111.

What is the Virgin Media sales contact number?

If you'd like to buy a Virgin Media product like broadband or TV you can contact a dedicated Virgin Media team on 0330 165 6723. They'll be able to guide you through all the relevant options so you'll be able to find the product that's exactly right for you. Simply press 1 when you get through to the automated menu, and you'll be put through to an agent. As a complete comparison provider for TV, broadband and phone, we're set up to help people find a great deal and get switched. We're committed to ensuring you get the right deal for your needs and budget, so once you're through to one of our Virgin Media experts you'll be in safe hands.

How do I contact Virgin Media by home phone?

You can speak to someone about Virgin Media by calling 0330 165 6723 from your home phone. This number is particularly good if you're looking to get Virgin Media as a new customer, although the team can also point you in the right direction for other queries. You'll speak to a Virgin Media expert who can tell you everything you need to know about the current prices and packages on the market.

How do I speak to a person about Virgin TV and broadband?

If you want to get Virgin TV or broadband then call 0330 165 6723, and if you need billing or technical help then call 0345 454 1111The first number gets you through to a human really quickly, whereas the second number has more steps. If you call the 0330 number to get Virgin or talk about offers, simply press 1 when you call. You'll go straight into the queue for a Virgin Media expert.

If you are calling the 0345 number then you'll have various options, starting with 1 for TV or broadband and 2 for mobile. You'll then need to tap in your phone or account number so the automated system will recognise you. Then you'll need to navigate a few more steps, but this is the only way to speak about billing and technical issues as an existing customer, so you'll have to persist. This is often the case with big companies because it's much simpler to organise calls and callers when an automated system does the legwork

The 0330 number is ideal because that team is trained to handle Virgin TV and broadband sales enquiries and you get through quickly. So if you want to discuss prices then 0330 165 6723 is your best bet, but please note that this team cannot handle existing customer queries so you will need the 0345 number.

Helpful hint: To get Virgin call 0330 165 6723 and press 1 to get straight to a person. For customer services call 0345 454 1111 and press the star key over and over and you'll get transferred. 

What is the Virgin Media customer service number?

Image showing Virgin customer service number is 0345 454 1111 and sales number is 0330 165 6723.

If you are already with Virgin then the best contact number is 0345 454 1111, or call 0330 165 6723 if you're new and want to talk about Virgin Media deals.

The first Virgin number is for queries on anything Virgin Media related, from technical support and billing to upgrading or downgrading your bundle. The second number is a Virgin team that deals with new customers looking to talk about Virgin broadband and TV prices right now.

With the 0345 number, you can either navigate through to the department you need via an automated system or select the option to talk to a Virgin Media representative who'll be able to help you identify exactly which department you need to speak to. With the 0330 number all you need to do is dial and press the first option.

How long does it take to get through to someone at Virgin?

Wait times vary significantly depending on the time of day and even the time of year. Call centres are often busiest around lunchtime, so if you want to get through to someone quickly then you are better off calling just as they open. If you're calling the general customer services line of 0345 454 1111, then call at 8am or close to it on any day of the week. You have to navigate Virgin's automated phone system but it's pretty easy. If you'd rather phone later then try half an hour before closing, which is 9pm on a weekday or 6pm on the weekend.

If you want to talk to someone about getting Virgin then 0330 165 6723 is good throughout the day, and opening hours are 9am-9pm. The same rule still applies though, and you're better off getting in there early.

What is the Virgin Media freephone number?

0800 052 0422 is Virgin Media's freephone number, but 0330 165 6723 is also free if you have inclusive minutes and we've found you get through to a person quicker usually. That's particularly the case if you're interested in getting Virgin Media as a new customer.

You're able to call the 0800 number from either a mobile or a landline completely free of charge and still be put through to the main customer service line. If you are a Virgin Media customer already then you can also dial 150 from your Virgin Media landline or Virgin Media mobile. The 0330 number will be charged at a local rate if you do not have inclusive minutes available with your chosen method of contact.

How do I speak to a human about Virgin Media?

If you want to speak to a human about Virgin Media then call 0330 165 6723. This team can help you with the latest prices on Virgin Media services and get everything set up for you as a new customer. They are specifically trained on Virgin Media so you should be able to get the answers you need, or you'll be pointed in the right direction and to the right department at Virgin Media.

Illustration of a talking robot alongside the Virgin Media logo.

What is the Virgin Media bundles contact number?

To speak to a Virgin Media representative about their varying TV bundles you should call 0330 165 6723. You will be able to talk about the various different packages on offer from Virgin Media, and this includes getting TV, fibre and home phone all in one. The Virgin Media expert on that line will be able to handle it all for you as well, so if you're comfortable and happy with a certain Virgin bundle then you can go ahead with it.

What is the Virgin Media upgrade contact number?

If you'd like to either upgrade one of your Virgin Media products, 100Mbps broadband up to 300Mbps for example, or would like to learn about the different upgrades you can purchase for different Virgin Media products, it's best to call 0345 454 1111.

What is the best number to call if I want to switch to Virgin Media?

Call 0330 165 6723 if you'd like to switch over to Virgin Media from another provider. Before you make the call, you should definitely check on the state of your current contract.

A phone with a 'switch' symbol and the phone number to switch to Virgin: 0330 165 6723

If you're currently in the middle of it or have recently renewed it, you'll most likely have to pay some kind of cancellation fee in order to switch over. Exactly how much you'll be charged depends on which provider you're currently with and the amount of contract you have left. In some cases a provider will be prepared to help buy you out of a contract, but this is never guaranteed.

What is the Virgin Media downgrade number?

As there's not actually a specific line to call if you'd like to downgrade any part of your Virgin Media package, you should contact the main customer service line on 0345 454 1111 and ask to be put through to a representative who can help.

How do I contact Virgin for free in the UK?

You can phone 0330 165 6723 to speak to someone about Virgin, and it will be free from a mobile or landline if you have inclusive unused minutes. With this phone number you can talk about getting Virgin as a new customer, but the agents may also be able to help with some general Virgin queries. 

What is the Virgin Media Broadband contact number?

To get Virgin Media broadband you can call 0330 165 6723 where you'll be able to find out all the latest prices and offers. If you need help with your current Virgin broadband then call 0345 454 1111 for customer services.

Call our Virgin Media broadband team on 0330 165 6723

What is the Virgin Media sports contact number?

If you're interested in getting a Virgin Media package which includes sport channels then call 0330 165 6723. The friendly advisors are experts and can take you through all the options, which include adding Sky Sports to Virgin TV packages. If you already have Virgin Media and simply want to upgrade to include premium sports content then you'll be better off calling 0345 454 1111.

Virgin Media Broadband technical help

Virgin Media Broadband technical help.

If you've unfortunately run into a problem with your Virgin Media broadband you should contact the main customer service line on 0345 454 1111.

Alternatively, you can visit the help section of Virgin Media's website where you'll find a good range of guides designed to help you troubleshoot all kind of issues like internet connectivity problems. You might need 4G if your broadband is down!

What is the Virgin Media VIVID contact number?

To buy one of Virgin Media's ultrafast fibre optic broadband packages, which range from 50Mbps all the way up to a staggering 1Gbps, you should call 0330 165 6723.

What is the Virgin Media Home Phone customer services contact number?

Ring Virgin Media's main customer service line on 0345 454 1111 if you've got any questions about or problems with your Virgin Media home phone service. This applies to your actual landline with a connected phone.

What is the Virgin Media Mobile contact number?

0345 600 0789 serves as a general enquiry line for Virgin Media Mobile so if you're thinking about switching over from your current provider and would like to see what deals are available or are experiencing problems with the network then this is the number to call.

What is the Virgin TV V6 box contact number?

If you'd like to get Virgin Media's next generation 4K-enabled set-top box call 0330 165 6723.

What is the Virgin Media technical support number?

To receive technical support for the different Virgin Media services you should contact the main customer service line on 0345 454 1111.

How do I book a Virgin engineer?

You'll need to speak to Virgin Media directly, so call 0345 454 1111 and then work your way through the automated system. You'll be asked plenty of questions before it puts you through, but if that gets on your nerves you can usually press star repeatedly and it will give up.

It should be pretty simple to get through if you need an engineer visit though, as you'll probably be put through to a team with lower call volume.

Once you're through to the right team, they'll look to identify whatever issue it is that you're having with the service. If an engineer is definitely needed, they'll get it booked in for you.

What is the TV Go helpline?

If you're having issues with Virgin Media's on-demand streaming service you can call the main customer service line on 0345 454 1111, where you'll be able to chat to a Virgin representative. You can also learn more about it by taking a look at our Virgin TV Go guide.

How and when can I contact Virgin Media Live Chat?

How and when can I contact Virgin Media Live Chat?

Virgin Media Live Chat is available every day of the week, between 8am and 10pm UK time. As with most live chats nowadays, there is a virtual assistant to help you at first. This is a common and effective way to try and control web traffic and customer volume. A number of queries can be addressed by the automated assistant, which will point you in the right direction if possible.

A tip for those determined to get through on the Virgin Media Live Chat: be as awkward as possible. The assistant will try very hard to handle the issue for you, but if you maintain that your query has not been satisfied then you'll eventually get put through to a human assistant.

Another thing to be wary of is the fact that resource will be limited. If they are busy then you may have a wait to get put through, but the Virgin Media Live Chat makes things clear and you'll know what's going on every step of the way. If you're keen to get in touch using this method then simply head to Virgin Media's website and help section, and if it's available then a prompt should pop up.

Can I chat with Virgin Media?

You can chat to someone about your existing Virgin Media service by calling 0345 454 1111. If you want to chat about joining Virgin Media then you can get through quickly on 0330 165 6723.

Log in to Virgin Media - existing customers

Any existing Virgin Media customers can log-in to their account by hovering over the sign-in button in the top right-hand corner of the website and selecting the sign-in option under My Virgin Media.

Entering in the relevant email address and password combination will give you access to your account where you'll be able to check and pay your bill, upgrade any of your services and enable your Virgin broadband parental control and anti-virus software.

Virgin Media contact number - full list

Virgin Media Services Contact Number Hours
Virgin Media sales 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media customer services 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight
Virgin Media new customers 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media freephone 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight
Virgin Media bundles 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media upgrades 0345 454 1111 8AM - 9PM
Switch to Virgin Media 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media downgrade 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight
Virgin Media broadband sales 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media VIVID sales 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media home phone help 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight
Virgin Media mobile 0345 600 0789  8AM - midnight
Virgin Media V6 box 0330 165 6723 9AM - 8PM
Virgin Media technical support 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight
TV anywhere 0345 454 1111 8AM - midnight

Write to Virgin Media

If you'd prefer to write to Virgin Media, you should use the following address:

Virgin Media

PO Box 333

Matrix Court 



Call our dedicated Virgin Media team on 0330 165 6723
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