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Sky’s upper entry-level broadband that all can experience.

What is Sky Superfast?

Sky Superfast is the company’s most widely available broadband service. Set as their upper entry-level broadband, it provides almost double the speeds of Sky Superfast 35 but for the same price (more on why that is later).

Almost every household in the nation can use Sky Superfast, with it being available to over 96% of UK households.

While we label Sky Superfast as the company’s upper entry-level broadband, that does not mean it isn’t up to a good standard. For the reliable speeds it delivers and the service you get by being a Sky Broadband customer, it is more than worth it.

What is the Sky Superfast Broadband speed?

Sky Superfast has an average download speed of 61Mbps and an average upload speed of 16Mbps.

This makes it perfect for standard family households with three to four occupants, depending on usage.

It is generally very good for handling a couple of devices doing things at the same time. For streaming, it is more than enough to handle Netflix in ultra-HD, which requires around 15Mbps.

Gaming is also very doable with Sky Superfast; however, downloading bigger games may take some time.

As for anyone working from home, Sky Superfast is more than capable of undertaking all tasks you may need to do, such as browsing the internet and video conferencing.

Is Sky Superfast Broadband full fibre?

This is where things get a bit interesting with Sky Superfast, as the simple answer is that it is full fibre, but there is more to it.

Sky Superfast is available via both FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (fibre to the premises).

The difference between the two is fairly simple - FTTC sees the fibre line go from the telephone exchange to the broadband cabinet that can be found roadside (the green boxes you see everywhere). From there, a copper line is fed to the houses that it will service.

A copper line is slower than a fibre line, so if your Sky Superfast is installed via FTTC, then you should expect slightly lower speeds depending on how far you are from the cabinet.

With FTTP, the fibre line may run all the way from the telephone exchange to the household, or will still go to the cabinet, but then a fibre line will be installed again to give the best speeds possible.

Sky will be able to tell you the actual speed you should be getting during the signing-up process, while an engineer may be able to give you a more in-depth look at what speeds you should get.

Is Sky Superfast any good?

Being so widely available for almost every household in the UK makes Sky Superfast their best broadband in terms of availability.

While it doesn’t offer the fastest speeds, the 61Mbps average is nothing to scoff about, and Sky’s reputation as one of the best provider for customer service and satisfaction is a big bonus too.

What is included with Sky Superfast?

With Sky Superfast, you will get Sky’s current-gen wifi hub, which features eight wifi antennae (more than most competitors) providing strong coverage throughout the house.

As a Sky Broadband customer, you will have a number of tools and other services available to keep you safe while browsing or to help get more coverage throughout your home.

  • Sky Broadband Shield is a free tool you can utilise to set parental controls as well as protect against dangerous websites.
  • Sky Broadband Boost is a separate hub that you can have set up somewhere else in the house that can help boost the signal to the rooms which otherwise couldn’t get it as strongly as others.

How much is Sky Superfast?

Sky Superfast as standard is available from £34.50 a month on an 18-month contract.

However, Sky often has deals running that will see the monthly cost of their broadband contracts lowered for new customers.

Check out the offer below, it showcases Digital TV's best Sky Superfast Fibre 80 deal so you can get a great deal!

Sky Superfast Fibre 80

£27.00 a month (down from £34.50)Prices may change during contract

  • 61Mbps average download speed
  • Unlimited usage
  • Line rental included
  • 18-month contract
  • No upfront cost
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