What is Sky Ultrafast? | Sky Ultrafast cost, packages & information

Sky’s mid-tier broadband package packs a punch.

What is Sky Ultrafast?

Sky Ultrafast is the company’s first full-fibre broadband offering. It was launched towards the end of 2020 and offers download speeds much faster than are offered by their standard broadband offerings.

Sky Ultrafast rivals BT and other providers for offering a service that is perfect for households with moderate to heavy broadband usage, providing a reliable connection for all users throughout the house.

What is the speed of Sky Ultrafast?

Sky Ultrafast boasts average download speeds of 145Mbps and average upload speeds of 27Mbps.

This makes Sky Ultrafast perfect for households with many devices that have regular or heavy broadband usage, such as multiple streaming devices.

For gamers, this option is perfect for playing online as it will provide a strong and stable connection, while some of the bigger downloads won’t take as long.

As for working from home, Sky Ultrafast offers more than enough to have you working at your very best.

Is Sky Ultrafast full fibre?

Sky Ultrafast mainly utilises FTTP (fibre to the premises), which sees a strong fibre cable connection from the telephone exchange right through to the household.

In some cases, it may use an enhanced GFast FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) connection, meaning the speeds may not be as fast but will still be faster than that of Sky Superfast 35 and Superfast, which both use standard FTTC.

Is Sky Ultrafast better than Superfast?

Sky Ultrafast is a fair step up from Sky Superfast, offering over double the average download speeds and almost double the average upload speeds.

Superfast is ideal for standard-size households (2-4 occupants) that don’t rely too much on broadband. For anything more than that, Ultrafast and above is what you will want.

Also, in terms of price, Ultrafast isn’t that much more than Superfast a month, making it worth more for your money.

The only downside to Ultrafast is the fact that it utilises FTTP mainly. Where Superfast is FTTC, it is widely accessible by households in the UK - 96% of UK households to be precise.

FTTP is still being rolled out across the nation, and currently just over half the households in the UK have access to it. So there is a fair chance you may have access to it if you live in a more connected area.

What is included with Sky Ultrafast?

With Sky Ultrafast, you will get all the benefits of being a Sky Broadband customer. This means added safety and security while you browse online, better connection throughout the house, and more.

  • Sky WiFi Guarantee - Sky employs a WiFi Guarantee with all broadband packages that states if your connection drops below their guarantee for that package for a certain amount of time, you will be eligible to get a one-month chargeback.
  • Sky WiFi Max - A new service from Sky that provides you with their latest and best Max Hub, keeping you connected in every room in the house. 
  • Sky Broadband Shield - An active safety tool to keep your young ones safe online, as well as yourself from dangerous websites.

How much is Sky Ultrafast fibre?

Sky Ultrafast is available as standard on an 18-month contract at £38 a month. 

However, there are usually deals running for it, as there is one right now with Digital TV that makes it £29 a month.

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