Where to find the best Black Friday deals for Sky

Bag a bargain on Sky this Black Friday. 

We’ve got some fantastic Black Friday deals available on Sky right now. These can be found both offline through speaking to an agent in the call centre and online via our website. 

It is of course all about saving money so you’ll likely be wondering if it’s better to go offline or online in order to find the best Black Friday Sky deals.  

This guide will explore the advantages of both methods so you can decide which one is right for you. 

Going offline - Speaking to an agent in the call centre

It’s incredibly easy and convenient to get in contact with the call centre. Call 03330 156 203 anytime from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and at the weekend.  

We’ve secured some brilliant Black Friday Sky deals for offline customers which you can talk through at length with an agent. That’s one major upside of contacting the call centre.

The agents are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about the Sky products they’re selling so will be able to answer any questions you may have. It’s reassuring to be able to get confirmation on something straight away. 

Even if you have an idea of what you want, getting in contact with the call centre is still worthwhile. You may be able to find something different to what you had in mind!

Going online - Using our website

Our website is also incredibly simple and intuitive to use. You’ve got the benefit of being able to access it from pretty much anywhere on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

Superfast Sky Broadband £25 for 18 months 

Customers will receive an average superfast download speed of 59Mbps with Sky Superfast Broadband. You’ll enjoy totally unlimited downloads and a smooth, reliable connection that’s great for streaming, gaming and scrolling through social media. 

The Sky Hub router is also included along with Sky’s Speed Guarantee which says that, if your speed falls below the minimum that’s stated when you take the deal or at least three days in a row you’ll get your money back.

The Sky Broadband Shield is automatically turned on to protect you against phishing attempts, viruses and harmful malware and you can then set age-rated controls to help prevent your children from seeing anything inappropriate. 

Sky’s Broadband Boost for £3 for 18 months 

The Sky Broadband Boost add-on helps to enhance the quality of your broadband connection. You’ll receive access to more convenient engineer visits at evenings and weekends at no extra cost, and daily checks will be performed on your connection to check for faults. 

Sky’s WiFi Guarantee says that if you’re not getting a speed of at least 3Mbps in every room, you’ll get your money back and Sky Broadband Boost free for the rest of your contract. 

The free Sky Broadband Buddy app is included too which allows you to have greater control over your families screen time. You can create a profile for each child, set age-appropriate web filters and set time limits and bedtimes so you can spend quality time together without any distractions. 

Sky Mobile customers will also see 2GB of data deposited into their Piggybank if there’s an outage that’s unplanned, lasts more than half an hour and is between 7am and 11pm. 

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