Brooklyn 99 showrunner offers season 8 hint

COVID-19 could be headed to Brooklyn 99.

The co-creator of Brooklyn 99 has offered fans some hints as to what season 8 of the series will revolve around.

Season 7 of comedy series has recently ended, with fans eager to find out what will come next.

Dan Goor, the head of the series and one of its creators, mentioned that season 8 would delve into the relationship between two of its main characters after they have a baby together.

"We're very conscious, similarly to when we coupled them up, that this is a workplace show.

"While we like doing comedy about them as a romantic item, or as a married couple, or [now] as parents, we primarily do comedy about them working together.

"Hopefully we'll be able to strike a similar balance, and I think we'll be conscious of the fact that they have a kid."

Amy and Jake, two of the main characters, began the series as rivals in the police precinct, but ended up forming a relationship.

Brooklyn 99 revolves around a police station in Brooklyn and the antics of the detectives who work there.

As well as the interpersonal relationships of the characters, Goor said that they were trying to work out how to incorporate the Coronavirus pandemic into the show.

"Not only is it set in New York, but they're first responders, and something like one in five New York City police officers is out sick or self-isolating, so there's a real debate in the room as to what we should do and how much we should focus on it.

"I feel like we will in some way acknowledge it, and live in it, or live with it. But we're also conscious of the fact that the show has been a nice escape to some extent."

You can watch all 7 seasons of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix now.

Source: Digital Spy

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