Sky Stream has officially released

Plug into your own TV and play. Just WiFi, no satellite. 

Sky Stream, the all-new streaming puck from Sky, has officially released today. 

The Sky Stream puck is the first piece of kit from Sky that only requires a TV and internet connection.

Sky Glass was Sky’s first product not to require a satellite dish, but with the commitment to replacing your own TV with Sky’s. With Sky Stream, you can order and install yourself, with it being able to work on any television. 

It works as it would an Amazon Fire Stick or ROKU Stick, plugging into the mains and then into a TV with a HDMI cable. Simply just turn on and connect to your home WiFi network and away you go. 

To add to the flexibility of Stream’s nature, a 31-day rolling contract option has also become available, as opposed to the traditional 18-month contract, but there is a price difference. The basic Sky Ultimate TV & NEtflix package will still cost £26 a month with an 18-month contract, but will increase to £29 if you opt to go with the rolling contract. There are also price differences for each add-on as shown below: 

  • Sky Cinema: £13 a month (rolling) or £11 a month (18-month contract)
  • Sky Sports: £27 a month (rolling) or £25 a month (18-month contract) 

The upfront cost differs between the contracts also - £39.95 a month for the rolling contract or just £20 for the 18-month contract. 

Sky Stream is essentially the dish-free technology seen inside of Sky Glass, but has been extracted to make it more appealing to other consumers who would not wish to part with their existing televisions. Because of this, Sky Stream users can enjoy features that Sky Glass customers would, such as the Sky Glass UI and voice remote. 

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