Everything you need to know about the Sky Q Box

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Sky TV has for years been an innovator when it comes to digital TV, with customers experiencing many firsts in the UK TV world. Now, customers can enjoy the latest high-tech innovation: the Sky Q Box. With this, your TV viewing is taken to the next level, whether you're still watching TV live or like to queue up your favourite shows and watch them at your own pace. Here's everything you need to know about the Sky Q Box.

What is a Sky Q box?

The Sky Q Box is the latest Sky TV Box and is available as standard for all new Sky TV customers. This means that you'll get to experience it no matter which package you choose (which wasn't the case when it first launched). The Sky Q Box allows you to have unprecedented connectivity with your TV viewing, with Sky Q Multiscreen allowing you to watch all of your Sky TV content on any TV or smart device in your home. This includes all TV shows and films that have been recorded on any box, not just live TV.

There are 2 tiers of Sky Q -  Sky Q 1TB and Sky Q 2TB. Sky Q 1TB offers 1 terabyte of space to fill with any recordings you like, equality to up to 500 hours of standard definition programming. With this box, you'll be able to record up to 3 shows at once and watch a 4th live in standard HD.

The Sky Q 2TB Box offers up to 1000 hours of programming with its 2-terabyte storage and can record up to 6 shows at once whilst watching a 7th live. Sky Q 2TB also allows you to watch selected channels in Ultra HD (with Sky Q Multiscreen only), provided you own a 4K Ultra HD television. This Sky Q Box also comes with a Bluetooth Sky Q Touch remote, allowing you to navigate your content in a similar style to a computer cursor. 

How much is a Sky Q box?

How much your Sky Q Box costs will depend on what Sky TV package you choose and how far you want to get into Sky Q Multiscreen. Once you've chosen your desired Sky TV package and added any extras you want, you'll be able to choose either the Sky Q 1TB box or the 2TB box. 

The Sky Q 1TB Box requires a standard set-up fee of £20 when you select it with any package. The 2TB version, however, requires a much larger set-up fee of £199 if you take it on its own. You can reduce this down to £65 if you add Sky Multiscreen to your package for £12 extra a month. 

Sky Multiscreen allows you to watch content on any TV, tablet or smartphone in your house simultaneously and also unlocks Ultra HD channels. Customers can get up to 4 Sky Q Mini Boxes to use with Sky Multiscreen, but this is not essential when buying your package and can be done at a later date. 

How can I get Sky Q?

In order to get Sky Q, you'll need to subscribe to a new Sky TV package. Sky Q is now the standard TV box for all Sky TV packages, so you'll be able to get one no matter which package you choose. 

If you already have a Sky TV package but are stuck with an older Sky box, you do have the option to upgrade to a Sky Q Box for a fee. This won't affect your existing Sky TV package and you'll be able to choose between both tiers of box available. 

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