Sky Q: The Next Generation Box

All Sky TV Bundles now come with Sky Q. You can record and store more than ever before, watch Sky all around the home and take recordings out and about.

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Discover what you get with Sky Q

  • Sky Q 1TB

    • Record 3 shows watch a 4th live
    • Store up to 500 hours of standard definition TV
    • Easy to use Sky Q remote

    £20 standard set-up

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  • Sky Q 2TB

    • Record 4 shows watch a 5th live
    • Store up to 1000 hours of standard defintion TV
    • Bluetooth Sky Q touch remote
    • Enjoy shows in Ultra HD with Sky Q Multiscreen

    £60 standard set-up

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Enjoy Sky Q Multiscreen

Watch what's on your main box, in any room, on any TV with Sky Q Multiscreen and stream recordings on your tablet at home - or download recordings to your tablet to take with you. Plus, unlock Ultra HD when you also take the Sky Q 2TB box.

Add Sky Cinema and Sky Sports

  • Sky Sports (1 Channel)

    1 channels

    £18.00extra a month

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  • Sky Cinema

    23 channels

    £10.00extra a month

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Your wireless home entertainment system

Sky Q is a slick new service which combines your TV and broadband to deliver a revolutionary experience, with innovative wireless hardware changing the way you enjoy Sky.

Experience Sky Q

Sky Q delivers a whole new way of enjoying TV at home and on the go. With this innovative new tech you’ll be able to pause a show in one room and then carry it on in the next, and stream recordings to tablets or TVs throughout your home.

You can also sync to share all your box recordings with your tablet, and then watch whenever and wherever you like, even when you’re not online.

Sky Q Mini

The Sky Q Mini is a small, smart solution to multiscreen viewing, giving you access to all the shows and recordings from your main Sky Q box, connecting to it through Wi-Fi or a Powerline adapter. It then connects to the TV via an HDMI cable, and it can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot too.

Sky Q’s innovative hardware also includes the Bluetooth-enabled Sky Q touch remote, with its intuitive touchpad, and the new Sky Q hub.

Sky Q Review

Sky has developed an entirely new set-top box, with a stack of smart features allowing customers to get even more from their Sky experience.

The innovative hardware involved lets you pause Sky TV in one room, and then carry on seamlessly in another using either another TV or your tablet. Recordings and shows stream to different rooms in the house through Sky Q Mini boxes, and also act as Wi-Fi hotspots thanks to the Sky Q Hub. The technology also allows you to sync recordings to a tablet and watch on the go, even when offline.

The Sky Q touch remote creates an improved experience thanks to an intuitive touchpad, and it’s Bluetooth-enabled. You get quicker search functionality, and a useful ‘find my remote’ feature.

The Sky Q 2TB box acts as your main hardware, with a massive 2 terabytes of storage, the option to record 4 shows while watching a fifth, and 2 streams for other TVs or tablets. You can also opt for the Sky Q 1TB box, with 1 terabyte of storage, 1 stream and the capacity to record 3 shows while you watch a fourth.

Connections between Sky Q hardware are enabled through Wi-Fi or Powerline technology, making for a more streamlined and convenient home set-up.

  • Stream

    Stream recordings throughout your home.

  • Pause

    Pause a show in one room, and carry on in another.

  • Sync

    Sync recordings to your tablet and watch anywhere, even offline.

  • Hotspot

    Sky Q Hub turns Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots.

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