Introducing Sky Live - Sky’s interactive TV camera

Sky’s latest smart product brings your TV to life.

Sky Live - The interactive camera with Sky Glass

Sky has launched its latest nifty bit of tech in the form of Sky Live. This interactive camera is combined with Sky Glass to take your experience to a new level.

Sky Live has four key features: video-calling, remote viewing for groups, immersive gaming and home fitness tech. As long as you’ve got Sky Glass, or you choose Sky Glass as a new customer, you can take up Sky Live. We’ll go into the prices later, but first let’s take you through these key features.

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Sky Live - Video-calling with your TV

Sky Live offers high-quality video chat through your TV. It features noise-cancelling tech so you can enjoy a clearer connection with friends and family, and thanks to HD you’ll get crisp, clear video quality.

Sky Live video-calling

Those with Sky Live will be able to use calling contacts or create a unique room code, and it’s all powered by Zoom. Use your existing Zoom account or create a new sign-up, with Freemium level giving you 40 minutes of video chat, and Premium offering unlimited time.

Sky Live - Ultimate co-viewing experience

With Sky Live you can enjoy great content together, even when you’re not actually together. Sky tells us it is a market-leading co-viewing experience, allowing people in different locations to sit and enjoy watching their favourite TV seamlessly.

Whether it’s the latest sun-kissed scandalous mayhem from Love Island or Premier League action live on Sky Sports, you can watch it together, chat and make sure no-one misses out on the best bits.

Sky Live co-viewing technology

Sky Live - Immersive gaming experience

Another stunning feature is the immersive gaming experience. Sky Live offers hands-free gaming for the whole family, with your body acting as the controller.

Sky Live immersive gaming

You can play with friends and family inside your home or remotely, and there is a huge range of games and experiences available through Sky and Sky’s partners. You can also record your own shareable content using built-in filters and effects.

Sky Live - Smart technology for home fitness

Sky Live uses Skeletal Response Technology to analyse your posture, as well as a virtual PT to motivate and spur you on during workouts.

It’s effectively a fitness studio that you can use in your front room, and there’s even a practise area where you can train specific exercises to improve form and efficiency.

Sky Live home fitness

The body-tracking tech is powered by AI, helping to count and improve reps, with on-screen feedback and audio coaching cues.

You can also track your personal bests, allowing you to easily monitor improvements and set yourself realistic goals.

Sky Live - Privacy 100% protected

It’s a camera in your living room, so you’ll want to be 100% sure about privacy. Thankfully, you get exactly that with Sky Live. You’re in control of it and once that light is off, the camera is sleeping. Sky takes privacy seriously, so you can rest assured that this piece of tech is designed with that in mind.

Sky Live - Available exclusively with Sky Glass

As previously stated, this is a Sky Glass feature. It’s effectively an add-on to the core Sky Glass product from Sky.

As with Sky Glass, this is sold as a credit agreement. So it’s basically the same as when you get a new phone on contract and pay it off as part of the overall bill.

The Sky Live camera is available on a 24-month credit agreement at £6 a month, and then you need the Sky Glass product in tandem. An example of the cost of Sky Glass is Sky TV & Netflix at £23 for 18 months, with 43" Sky Glass TV for £11 a month for 48 months, and then £10 upfront.

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Sky Glass and Sky Live representative example: Total payment for 43" Sky Glass - £699; Upfront payment - £10 Total credit - £699; Length of agreement - 48 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%. Total payment for Sky Live camera - £144; Total credit - £144; Length of agreement - 24 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%. Additional subscriptions are charged separately to the Sky Glass credit agreement. Subject to status and individual circumstance.

Note: Prices may change during contract.

Sky Live in 4K

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