What are the Sky Black Friday deals for 2024?

The famously frenetic annual deals event is upon us, so what does Sky have in store this Black Friday?

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When does Sky Black Friday 2023 start?

You can expect Sky’s Black Friday 2024 event to start a couple of weeks before actual Black Friday.

The date Black Friday is Friday 29th November 2024. However, the tradition has morphed furiously into a 2-3 week extravaganza. Retailers across different industries will be jostling to capture the attention of discount-seekers throughout the UK.

Cyber Monday, which will be the 2nd December this year, sees a final push. It’s the last chance to bag one of the eye-catching deals before attention shifts to the Christmas shopping period.

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What should we expect from Sky Black Friday 2023?

Sky is expected to be particularly competitive this year, with rumours suggesting very strong deals on core products. There is no official confirmation just yet, but we’re keeping our ears to the ground and we’ll update our content as soon as we know more.

When will Sky Black Friday deals end?

It’s possible that they will end on Cyber Monday, which is 2nd December. However, the potential is there for the deals to run a bit longer.

It’s quite a chaotic period and it’s in consumers’ interests to allow a bit of extra time post-Black Friday. People will be up to their necks in marketing emails, TV adverts and online offers.

Are there Sky Black Friday deals for existing customers?

At the moment it’s tough to call. There are almost always offers available to existing customers, with upgrades as little as £4 a month. The deals for new customers have more scope for discounts because they potentially involve more services in one go.

Sky never wants existing customers to feel left out, so there will probably be some good offers around on upgrading. If you’re a Sky TV customer, for example, you might see some great prices on Sky Broadband or Sky Mobile.

How long will Sky Black Friday deals be on for?

We expect them to be on for 2-3 weeks, but it’s unconfirmed. Most retailers and service providers keep their cards pretty close to their chest to avoid rivals getting ahead of them. It’s a sensible approach, but given the general approach by TV and broadband providers over recent Black Fridays, a couple of weeks seems likely.

Will there be Sky TV Black Friday deals?

We expect to see some kind of offer on Sky TV as it’s a core product. Whether that’s Sky Glass or Sky Stream is hard to tell, but we’d be surprised if there wasn’t something that gets the attention of those seeking a stunning offer on TV. 

TV set-top box with a discount label

Will there be Sky Stream Black Friday deals?

It’s quite possible that Sky Stream will be part of Sky’s Black Friday event. The product has proved extraordinarily popular, offering all the benefits of Sky TV but without the dish. It’s a small, smart box that streams everything over WiFi, and it marks an impressive step forward for the TV, broadband and mobile provider.

The exact details of any potential Sky Stream deal will be added here as soon as they become available to us. We’re making sure we’re on the ball so you can get a heads-up on what’s being offered this Sky Black Friday.

If you want to know more about this product then check out our Sky Stream page.

Will there be Sky Mobile Black Friday deals?

We think there could be some Sky Mobile deals for Sky Black Friday 2024. It’s such a strong product for Sky now that it would make sense to include it in the event.

It’s certainly unclear whether any deals would extend to discounts on actual phones. It’s quite common for network providers to focus on data deals instead, as phones are so expensive that it makes little sense commercially to significantly cut the price. We’re working hard to make sure we are first to find out what Sky might have in store for Sky Mobile Black Friday.  

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Will there be Sky Glass deals on Black Friday?

This is unconfirmed, but some kind of offer on Sky Glass would not be surprising. It’s an excellent gift ahead of Christmas, seeing as it includes a 4K TV. Even taking Christmas out of the equation, Sky Glass has been enjoying plenty of popularity in the last few months.

For those new to the product, Sky Glass is the 4K TV with Sky inside. It offers incredible built-in sound through Dolby Atmos, and doesn’t require any kind of dish for signal. We’ve gone more in-depth in our Sky Glass page, where you can find plenty of information and current prices.

Will there be Sky Broadband Black Friday deals?

Sky Broadband is a strong candidate for Sky Black Friday 2024. It’s a core product and very easy to switch broadband providers nowadays. We think Sky would be missing out if it didn’t include some kind of deal on Sky Broadband, but at this stage it cannot be confirmed.

Any offer would be on superfast and ultrafast broadband. These are the fibre services with average speeds ranging from 61Mbps to 500Mbps.

ADSL broadband (the old sluggish type of broadband) is basically being outlawed, for lack of a better term. Actually, ‘phased out’ is less dramatic and more accurate, but it’s not as much fun to use. Anyway, you probably won’t be seeing any offers anywhere on this kind of broadband for this reason.

Sky often boasts some impressive prices on Sky Broadband, and you can take a look at the latest offers on our Sky Broadband page.

If you'd like to know more about Sky Fibre, we also have some individual guides covering Sky Superfast, Sky Ultrafast and Sky Ultrafast Plus.

Sky Black Friday 2023: Sky Sports deals

We’re not expecting to see anything in the way of Sky Sports discounts for Black Friday. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it would be far more likely for Sky to look at core products, as opposed to premium subscriptions.

We’ll be sure to update this content should Sky make the decision to offer Sky Sports discounts this Black Friday.

Sky Black Friday 2023: Sky Cinema deals

Sky Cinema is already a bit of a bargain for Sky customers. It would be unusual for Sky to cut the cost of its movie subscription add-on any further, even in the name of Black Friday.

We’ll keep you posted if this changes, but we can’t see it happening.

What were the Sky Black Friday 2022 deals?

During Sky Black Friday 2023, you were able to take advantage of Sky’s “lowest-ever prices”, and the event ended on Thursday 30th November.

Sky Stream Entertainment and Netflix was available for £19 per month, while Sky Stream and Superfast Fibre 80 was offered at £36 per month.

You could also get Sky Stream and Ultrafast Fibre for £39, which offered average download speeds of 150Mbps as well as Sky TV without the dish.

Sky also offered its lowest price on Sky Glass, as well as double data on selected large data plans with Sky Mobile.

Piggy bank illustration

You could also get Sky Stream and Ultrafast Fibre for £39, which offered average download speeds of 150Mbps as well as Sky TV without the dish.

Sky also offered its lowest price on Sky Glass, as well as double data on selected large data plans with Sky Mobile.

How do I speak to someone about Sky Black Friday deals?

You can call 0330 165 6733 to speak to a Sky expert about Sky Black Friday deals. If you’re a new customer then press 1, and if you’re an existing customer then press 2. If you’re calling for Sky Mobile then press 3.

Remember that the deals have not been announced just yet for 2024, but you can still call that number and find out about the current offers.

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Sky Black Friday 2024 deals

Sky Black Friday 2024: TV

We’ll include the Sky Black Friday 2024 TV deals here as soon as they’re announced.

Sky Black Friday 2024: Broadband

You’ll find the Sky Black Friday 2024 deals for Sky Broadband here as soon as we know them.

Sky Black Friday 2024: Mobile

This section will feature the Sky Mobile deals for Sky Black Friday 2024 once we know what they are.

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