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What is Sky Mobile?

What is Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile is Sky’s mobile phone network, offering deals on all the latest and most exciting smartphones. Sky Mobile customers can choose from a variety of different deals and phones, including all the models from Apple, Samsung, Sony and Google. With hundreds of deals available, there’s bound to be something for every type of phone user - check out the latest Sky Mobile deals we have to offer right now!

How does Sky Mobile work?

Sky Mobile works much like other phone networks, with contract deals that can get you unlimited texts, minutes and data as well as other variations. Sky Mobile uses O2's mobile network and infrastructure, meaning wherever O2 has a signal, Sky Mobile will too and at the same strength. As Sky Mobile uses O2's network, 99% of the UK population is covered with 4G indoor usage. 

Sky started offering phone services at the beginning of 2017 with SIM-only deals. They offer the ability to roll over data from month to month, with users able to store it for up to three years, as well as the option of being able to change your deal whenever you want. 

Sky Mobile deals

Sky Mobile deals

Sky Mobile allows you to choose from either a Swap 12 or Swap 24 contract, allowing you to upgrade your phone after one or two years inside your contract for free. You’ll also be able to upgrade your phone after 31 days if you don’t mind paying.

Sky Mobile also offers tablet deals, meaning you can get a 4G-ready tablet in the same way you would a phone, with all the extras that Sky Mobile includes.

All Sky Mobile deals and products are sold subject to status and individual circumstances.

Can I watch Sky TV with Sky Mobile?

One of the best reasons to choose Sky Mobile if you’re a Sky TV customer is the ability to watch Sky TV apps on the go without using your data. Existing Sky TV customers who sign up to Sky Mobile can watch their favourite Sky content, including Sports, Sky Go and Sky Kids. You’ll need at least 50MB of data on your deal in order to watch, but if you do, you’ll be able to stream unlimited Sky content without using any data.

What are the perks of Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile customers can enjoy a number of exciting extras that give their deal even more value. On top of being able to watch Sky TV without spending data as an existing customer, every user will be able to roll over your spare data for up to three years, change your deal whenever it suits you and switch to Sky Mobile with just a simple switching code.

As a member of Sky Mobile, you'll be able to watch Sky Go and use Sky apps such as Sky News and Sky Sports without using your data! You can also use the My Sky App to switch to a plan that's right for you whenever you like. If you switch to a bigger plan you'll be able to access your new data allowance right away, and if you're reducing your data, it will change on your next bill date. 

What are the downsides of Sky Mobile?

While Sky Mobile is a quality mobile carrier, it can be occasionally spotty in terms of signal if you’re in a rural area or somewhere where there is a lot of usage. Another problem you might encounter is the amount of brands that are available on Sky Mobile. While Apple and Samsung are represented, others such as Sony, LG, Google and more aren’t.

How can I switch to Sky Mobile?

How can I switch to Sky Mobile?

Whether you’re an existing Sky TV customer or not, you’ll be able to switch to Sky Mobile by calling 03330 156184, where you can find out more about Sky Mobile and find the deal that’s right for you.     

What network does Sky Mobile use?

As we've previously stated, Sky Mobile uses the O2 mobile network, along with many other mobile phone network providers. If you're wanting to switch to Sky Mobile but aren't sure what your mobile network coverage will be like, you can check how good O2's coverage is in your area.

What are Sky Mobile's SIM Only options? 

Sky Mobile currently offers customers the following SIM Only options*:

  • 3GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £7 a month
  • 12GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £12 a month
  • 20GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £15 £10 a month
  • 40GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £20 a month
  • 75GB data, unlimited calls and texts - £26 £16 a month

*Correct as of 29/03/2023

Sky Mobile customer service

Sky Mobile customer service

Under Sky's help section, customers are able to select Sky Mobile as an option separate from every other product and service Sky has to offer. After navigating to this page you'll be given different options, such as Account and billing, Setting up Sky Mobile, Delivery, returns and repairs and several more. Sky customers will also be given the choice to read frequently read articles to see if they can assist with the issue at hand. 

Laptops are now available through Sky Mobile

A range of laptops are now available to purchase with Sky Mobile, making some of the latest releases more affordable, with prices starting from £19 a month over a 48-month payment period. 

With Sky laptops, you can stay connected on the go with your own laptop SIM plan and data allowance to use, so you can say goodbye to dodgy public WiFi and mobile hotspots. The SIM provided just needs to be placed within your new laptop and activated for you to get going. 

You can roll on data from your Piggybank to any of your plans, now including the Sky laptops, too!

What laptops are available with Sky?

The following laptops are now available with Sky Mobile:

Galaxy Book2 GO 5G

Display 12.4”
4GB | 128GB Storage
Colour: Silver
Buy it now: £696

Monthly costs:

Swap 24 (36 months)

Upfront cost: £72

Months 1-24: £25.50

Months 25-36: £1

Total credit: £624

Swap 36 (48 months)

Upfront cost: £0

Months 1-36: £19

Months 37-48: £1

Total credit: £696

Galaxy Book3 PRO 360 5G

Display 16” 
8GB | 256GB Storage
Colour: Graphite

Monthly costs:

Swap 24 (36 months)

Upfront cost: £72

Months 1-24: £81.50

Months 25-36: £3.50

Total credit: £1998

Swap 36 (48 months)

Upfront cost: £48

Months 1-36: £55

Months 37-48: £3.50

Total credit: £2022

*Subject to status and individual circumstance. 
Representative example:  Total payment for Galaxy Book2 GO 5G  - £696; Upfront payment - £0
Total credit - £696; Length of agreement - 48 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0%  APR
Monthly repayment of credit - £19 for months 1-36; £1 for months 37-48
Additional subscriptions are charged separately to the Sky Mobile credit agreement.

Frequently asked questions

What are the payment options with Sky’s laptops?

Credit agreement and outright purchases are both available with Sky laptops. 

Are they available to new Sky Mobile customers?

Yes, the laptops are available to new Sky Mobile customers, along with existing, and credit agreements are also available to new customers, too. 

What are the lengths of the credit agreements?

Customers can choose to spread the cost of the laptop they opt for over 36 or 48 months.

Is there a limit to how many products can be taken out via a credit agreement?

Yes, there is a limit of 5 per account, including tablets, laptops and phones. 

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