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What is Sky Signature?

Sky Signature was introduced in 2020, first as an upgrade to Sky Entertainment, which was Sky’s basic entry-level TV package, but has now replaced Sky Entertainment to be the base television service for Sky Q, Sky Stream, and Sky Glass.

Sky Signature, also known as Sky TV or sometimes still as Sky Entertainment, combines the old Sky Entertainment package with the Sky Box Sets package, which was previously offered as an add-on for customers on the Entertainment plan.

A satellite dish installation may be needed if you purchase Sky Signature with a Sky Q TV box, as Sky Q is a satellite television system. However, it is also available with Sky Stream and Sky Glass TV, which is Sky’s streaming TV, meaning no dish is needed, just a stable internet connection.

What does Sky Signature include?

As Sky’s baseline TV package, Sky Signature includes over 300 live TV channels.

You can also customise your package with a number of add-ons to get you even more channels, including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Ultra HD, Sky Kids, BT Sport, and more.

Does Sky Signature include Sky Box Sets?

It's more than just live TV that you will get access to. Sky Signature also includes Sky Box Sets, providing on-demand access to 500 different series.

Previously, Sky Entertainment did not include Sky Box Sets. That’s where the brilliance of Sky Signature comes in, as it combines the two into an all-around entertainment package.

Does Sky Signature include Netflix?

Netflix can also be added to your package. This can range from the basic subscription to Netflix Standard, or Netflix Premium.

The difference in these subscriptions sees the streaming quality increase, more devices added, and more downloads available.

In the case of users with a Sky Q box, adding Netflix to your Sky Signature package turns it into a Sky Ultimate TV package. It doesn’t add anything more, it just changes the name.

Does Sky Signature include HD?

Sky Signature in its form as Sky Entertainment & Netflix with Sky Stream does include HD channels as standard. Ultra HD is available to purchase as an add-on.

Sky Signature with Sky Q does not include HD or Ultra HD.

What are the Sky Signature channels included?

What are the Sky Signature channels included?

Sky Signature comes with over 300 live TV channels, including all of Sky’s key channels such as:

  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Max
  • Sky Comedy
  • Sky News
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Sky Sports News
  • Sky Documentaries
  • Sky History

There are numerous more of Sky’s own channels available, as well as other popular channels like MTV, Comedy Central, E!, Dave Ja Vu, SYFY, National Geographic, and lots more.

How much is Sky Signature?

The price of a Sky Signature package will vary as there are usually numerous deals on for the package.

With Sky Stream recently introduced, Sky Signature is currently part of the deals for the new service. You can get Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix for as low as £19 per month for an 18-month contract (price may change during contract).

Sky Signature add-on prices

As mentioned before, there are numerous add-ons available with Sky Signature, including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and Netflix.

  • Sky Sports: £22 a month (offer price, rolling contract, standard price £27) or £20 a month (offer price, 18-month contract, standard price £25)
  • Sky Cinema: £13 a month (rolling contract) or £11 a month (18-month contract)
  • TNT Sports: £28 a month (offer price, rolling contract, stand price £30)
  • Ultra HD & Dolby Atmos: £6 a month (rolling contract)
  • Ad Skipping: £5 a month (rolling contract)
  • Sky Kids: £6 a month (rolling contract)
  • Netflix: Basic (included with package), Standard (£4 a month), or Premium (£8 a month)

All prices are correct as 06/12/23. Prices may change during contract.

Getting Sky Sports with Sky Signature

Adding the Sky Sports package is a great idea for all sports lovers who are switching to Sky. With a wide range of exclusive sports available, there is no end to what action you could watch.

Sky Sports comes with 11 channels in total, with some dedicated channels for different sports, including Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, and Sky Sports Cricket.

Getting Sky Cinema with Sky Signature

For the movie lovers out there, the Sky Cinema bundle offers a wide range of top movies spread across 11 channels, each with a different genre.

If you’re looking for a comedy movie to lighten your mood, or want the thrill of an intense action movie, there are dedicated channels for both.

Sky Premiere shows the biggest new movies that have recently come to Sky, allowing you to finally get around to watching that movie you didn’t get to see in the cinema, or rewatching one you did go see and loved!

Sky Signature on Sky Stream and Sky Glass

The term Sky Signature isn’t used so much for Sky Stream and Sky Glass. So if you’re looking for a Sky Signature package with either one of the two and can’t find it, don’t be alarmed as what you will be looking for instead is Sky Entertainment & Netflix.

With Stream and Glass being streaming-based services rather than satellite television, it makes sense for Sky to combine what is essentially the Sky Signature package with Netflix automatically.

And given that streaming means the quality of the picture depends on the user's wifi connection, making HD the standard quality is a logical move.

Is Sky Signature worth it?

Is Sky Signature worth it?

In short, Sky Signature is absolutely worth it as it is Sky’s core TV package, meaning essentially every new Sky package, be it Sky Glass or Sky Stream, will start with Sky Signature.

Providing live TV and on-demand streaming with options from Sky’s wide range of channels and shows as well as a free Netflix subscription, Sky Signature is certainly worth investing in.

And with the ability to customise and upgrade your package, it's fair to say that as a base package, Sky Signature is up there with one of the best services the company offers.

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