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Sky Stream: The simpler way to enjoy Sky TV

  • Great flexibility - 31-day rolling or 24-month contract
  • Endless entertainment streamed over WiFi
  • Sky TV without the dish
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Sky Stream FAQs

Your Sky Stream questions answered.

Can I still record with Sky Stream?
There's actually no need to record with Sky Stream because everything is available on demand. You can still keep your favourite and must-watch content ready at the touch of a button with Sky's Playlists. Create your own unique Playlist and you won't forget anything you want to watch at a later date.
What broadband speed is best for Sky Stream?
You can stream with broadband speeds of as little as 1Mbps for standard definition. If you want to stream high definition (HD) then ideally you would have more than 5Mbps broadband speeds. If you have fibre then you're probably well over the required minimum.
Do I keep my Sky Q box?
The Sky Q box is not required with Sky Stream because you get a sleek, small puck instead. This simple bit of tech saves space, connects directly to your TV and lets you enjoy shows, films and sport straight over WiFi.

Sky Q boxes are actually loaned, not owned, so customers won't keep their box indefinitely.
Does Sky Stream use a satellite dish?
Sky Stream does not require a satellite dish. Everything is streamed over WiFi, or you can connect the Sky Stream puck directly to your router using an Ethernet cable.
What is available on Sky Stream?
Sky Stream doesn't restrict what you can watch. Any TV that is available through a subscription with Sky Q or Sky Glass is also available through Sky Stream - it's simply a streamlined way to watch.

Sky. Simplified.

Introducing Sky Stream

Epic entertainment streamed straight over Wi-Fi

One puck. No dish.


Full stream ahead

Sky Stream is the brand-new way to enjoy endless, epic entertainment from Sky. Heard of Sky Glass? The 4K TV with Sky inside? Well, this gives you the amazing, innovative experience of Sky Glass but without adding a new TV into the mix.

It's Sky, simplified.

So what are you getting? It's everything you'd choose from your Sky subscription, but you get a small, sleek puck which connects to Wi-Fi. That's it.

Sky Stream

Sky Q

Satellite dish
Satellite dish
Satellite dish
Engineer visit
Engineer visit
Engineer visit
Broadband required
Broadband required
25Mbps for HD
25Mbps for UHD
Broadband required
Up to 150
Voice control
Voice control
Voice control
Picture quality
Picture quality
HD as standard
UHD (£5 add-on)
Picture quality
SD as standard
HD (£8 add-on)
UHD (£12 add-on)
£5 a month after contract
Set-up fee
Set-up fee
Set-up fee
31-day rolling or 18 months
18 months
Monthly price
Monthly price
From £26
Monthly price
From £26
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Eye-catching prices on must-see TV, with Netflix included for as little as £1 a day


Choose a 31-day rolling plan for total control, or choose 18 months for best value


No dish on your wall. No box under your TV. It's small, simple and smart.

The Sky Glass experience with Sky Stream

One of the most striking features of Sky Glass is the way it changes how you enjoy watching Sky.

Sky Stream brings you the same experience but without the new TV.

Channels. Shows. Apps.

Everything together. All in one place.

apple tv
disney plus
  • Create a playlist
  • Watch live or on demand
  • Search with voice command
  • Restart when you miss the beginning

Never miss a thing

Ultimate flexibility

Sky Stream gives you the option of a 31-day rolling plan or 18-month contract. You'll get Sky Ultimate TV with Netflix, and you can add premium packs like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

High definition. As standard.

Everything you watch on Sky Stream is high definition as standard, and Ultra HD is also available.

Dolby Atmos-ready

As long as you have a compatible soundbar, you can enjoy the unique and immersive experience of Dolby Atmos technology.

Sky Stream puck
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Our Sky review

What is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is essentially a small box that plugs straight into any TV, providing you access to all the Sky content you are subscribed to. All you need is a WiFi connection, no satellite dish is required! 

How much is Sky Stream?

The Sky Ultimate TV & Netflix basic package that Sky offers its customers will stay at just £26 a month when Sky Stream releases, but if you don’t fancy signing up to the 18-month contract, users can pay £29 a month for the same package on a rolling monthly basis. 

See the prices of each add-on below: 

  • Sky Cinema: £13 a month (rolling) or £11 a month (18-month contract)
  • Sky Sports: £27 a month (rolling) or £25 a month (18-month contract) 
  • UHD and Dolby Atmos: £5 a month (both)

To watch your Sky content on other TVs around your home, an extra Sky puck with the Whole Home Package will cost an extra £12 a month, with five additional pucks available per Sky subscription.

There is an upfront cost of £39.95 with Sky Stream, or just £20 if you choose to take out the 18-month contract.

What resolution can I watch with Sky Stream?

Your standard Sky Stream package comes ready for you to watch in HD, with UHD available as an add-on at an additional cost. 

How do I set up Sky Stream?

Plug the Sky Stream box into a power socket and then into an HDMI output on your television. All you need to do next is connect Sky Stream to your WiFi network and you’re good to go. Sky does say that a minimum of 25Mbps is required for Sky Stream to function. 

Can you record on Sky Stream?

Any show you want to catch up on will require you to stream it from the appropriate On Demand or catch-up service - there is no hard drive for customers to record programmes or movies and store them. The Sky Q satellite service remains the choice for Sky customers who want to keep the ability to be able to record. 

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