Sky 3D

Sky 3D brings TV to life for a new, unique and breathtaking viewing experience. Movies and other select content get the 3D treatment on this exciting, exclusive Sky service.

What is Sky 3D?

Sky 3D is a service that allows 3D TV owners to watch select on-demand content in 3D. Use your 3D TV to watch a selection of films, documentaries and arts programmes in stunning, eye-popping 3D whenever you want. Choose from a selection of 50 movies from Sky Cinema alongside documentaries and pick when you want to watch 

Sky 3D TV

Watching 3D with Sky is a revolutionary development in the world of home entertainment, and with huge improvements in technology 3D viewing is now at its breathtaking best.  Sky 3D is a dedicated service showing films, documentaries and arts programming on-demand in a way that brings you closer to the action than ever before.

Watching 3D at home with friends and family offers a fun, thrilling and unique experience, and with Sky 3D you have one channel showing programme after programme of eye-popping, immersive, unforgettable TV.

You do need to have a 3D TV to watch Sky 3D, and there are two kinds available: PASSIVE and ACTIVE.

Sky 3D Glasses

Both PASSIVE and ACTIVE TVs require 3D glasses to watch, but with ACTIVE 3D the glasses do most of the work, whereas with PASSIVE 3D the TV is the one carrying the workload.

If you choose ACTIVE then you can expect to pay a lot of money for the 3D glasses, as well as the 3D TV, because of the active-shutter technology involved.   This means that many people choose PASSIVE simply because it’s the less expensive option, and PASSIVE glasses are much cheaper.  Some argue that ACTIVE 3D produces the better image, but you can always go into a high street shop and try it out for yourself with some display models.

Sky 3D Options

You can watch Sky 3D content when you take Sky Cinema with the HD pack or the Family Bundle. You will also need a 3D TV, 3D glasses and a Sky+HD box.

Sky 3D Box

The Sky+HD is  ready for 3D, so you will need one of those in order to watch Sky 3D. Don’t forget that you also need a 3D-ready TV and the glasses!

How much does Sky 3D cost?

Sky 3D is available to watch when you take Sky Cinema with the  HD pack or the Family Bundle

There are of course other costs that aren’t part of Sky. You will need to buy a 3D passive or active TV, and the right 3D glasses for that TV set. Costs for these vary considerably, and these products are not offered by Sky.