Sky Q Multiscreen

With Sky Q Multiscreen added to your subscription, you can enjoy Sky throughout your home. Each Sky Q Mini Box lets you watch in another room, and acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What is Sky Q Multiscreen?

Sky Q Multiscreen gives you Sky TV throughout your home, meaning that there are no more disagreements about what gets put on the box, and there’s still the option to record with your Sky Q box so you don’t miss anything else.  Any premium channels you have, like Sky Sports or Sky Movies, would also be available in different rooms via Sky Q Multiscreen.

Through the Sky Q Multiscreen Box you can watch in another room without interrupting viewing on the main Sky Q box.  It also lets you pause in one room to watch from the same point in another, and each one acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

How does Sky Q Multiscreen work?

For a fee added to your monthly subscription, you can activate Sky in more than more room, and the digital feeds are separate, so you can have different channels on at the same time.  You will need at least one Sky Q Mini Box, as well as your main Sky Q 1TB or 2TB Box.

Sky Q Multiscreen - Sky Q Mini Box

The Sky Q Mini Box offers some great features:

Watch around your home - You can have different Sky channels showing simultaneously by adding Sky Q Multiscreen to your subscription and taking a Sky Q Mini Box

Pause and continue - You can pause what you're watching in one room and then carry on from that same point in another

Access main box content - The Sky Q Mini Box can access and download recordings from your main Sky Q Box

Wireless hardware - The Sky Q Mini Box is wireless hardware, making for a tidier home entertainment set-up 

Wi-Fi hotspot - The box is also a Wi-Fo hotspot, keeping your broadband of fibre signal stronger throughout your home

How much is Sky Q Multiscreen?

If you want to take Sky Q Multiscreen it is £12 per month added to your existing TV bundle subscription, with an additional cost for each Sky Q Mini Box you want in your home.

Sky Q Multiscreen Deals

Sky is always promoting offers and deals with its services, and they are often changed and refreshed to keep them interesting and appealing to new and existing customers.  Sky Q Multiscreen could be part of an introductory deal running for a limited time, so keep checking for offers on this, as well as set-up fee, box price or combo with other Sky services.